Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wacko Wacks Out and Eats Puppy

Let’s just hope they don’t allow him the “I’m on drugs” excuse. Can you imagine the horror of the puppy? Lock this wacko away now and never allow to be around animals of any kind.


Man Accused Of Eating His Dog Alive

"Look at that ear. Do you see that? I mean, it is chewed to smithereens," says Shelby County Texas District Attorney Linda Kay Russell. Russell is reacting to graphic pictures showing a pit bull puppy who was eaten alive by his owner.

Now, Russell is preparing to prosecute the strangest animal cruelty case she has ever handled.

"This is actually called torture to an animal, and that is why we are doing it," says Russell.

Forty-nine year old Reggie Paul Fountain stands accused of eating his dog alive.

"He chewed that and ate it, he had blood all over his face, he had blood on his chest, he was in his underwear walking down the street talking to himself and the dog," says Russell.

Veterinarian Robert Hughes says the pit bull puppy looked like it had been in a dog fite when it arrived at his clinic.

"We anesthetized the dog and we surgically evened out the edges. We did something similar to an ear crop," says Doctor Hughes.

"His excuse, which I don't care what his excuse was, was that he was on PCP and cocaine," says Russell.

Russell says four police officers had to restrain the man so that they could remove the dog from his hands. She says she will now prosecute the case to the fullest, and leave the penalty in the hands of a jury.

"I will not offer this man probation. I will take it to a jury trial and if the citizens of Shelby County want to give him probation they can, but I will not offer that," says Russell.

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