Monday, July 29, 2013

Steve King Hates Animals & Is Ok with Puppy Mills: CALL NOW TO Tell “Your” Rep. and Senator to REMOVE THE KING AMENDMENT FROM THE FARM BILL!!

 Do now.  Evil King is at it again.  Here’s the text and directions:

URGENT ACTION NEEDED. There is an extremely dangerous amendment in the Farm Bill, one that could repeal animal protection laws like puppy mills and even dog meat. Please call your US Representative and Senator at 202-225-3121, asking to remove the King amendment from the final Farmbill. 

  • Then, follow up via the link below:

Friday, July 26, 2013

Incredible Photo Puts to Reality the Horror of the Killing of Elephants for Ivory

I’ll let the photo speak for itself.  So ridiculous that the human (mostly Asian) desire for ivory is more important that the lives of these majestic beings.

BTW, if anyone knows who to give credit to for this photo, please let me know.

More Famous Men who are Veg and Some Very Easy Actions for You to Take for Bees and Chimps

2 stories and 2 easy actions.  Please take a minute to sign them via the links below.

I really don’t buy that Clinton is veg, but this great article says he still is:

Easy Actions to Take

Friday, July 19, 2013

2 Quick Actions: Stop Korea from Constructing A Large Scale Illegal Dog Farm and Push to Retire Aging Asian Elephant Pair Marie and Schell to A Sanctuary

I hate to lead the weekend off with this stuff, but unfortunately cruelty does not rest. 

Yes, even Korea kills and eats dogs, so much that they are constructing a large scale illegal dog farm.  Yep, farm.  Fu.k them!!  I guess they want to catch up to China to be the worlds’ cruelest country. Go here to tell them to stop the construction of a large scale illegal dog farm and crack down on existing dog farms immediately!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Email the Committee on Natural Resources Prior to Meeting with Sally Jewell, Sec of Interior to Tell her to Stop Killing Wolves and Horses

Important to do this now.  The meeting is tomorrow.  The link to do so is below.  Here is some text I took from someone close to the issue:

"Tomorrow Sally Jewell, the Secretary of the Interior will be testifying before Committee on Natural Resources Committee oversight hearing into activities of the Department of Interior. The jurisdiction of the committee extends into all areas of public land management, which includes U.S. Fish &Wildlife Services, the agency determined to delist wolves across most of the Lower 48 states. Ms. Jewell, as Secretary of the Interior is also responsible for the BLM and its determination to round up every wild horse and burro to suit the Cattlemens Association and Big Oil.

This is the link where you can send an email to the Committee, and I urge you to do so today. I am very thankful that Raul Grijalva of Arizona as well as Pete DeFazio of Oregon are on the committee. Unfortunately, Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming is as well. Please let the committee hear from you and what you would like them to ask Secretary Jewell."

Friday, July 12, 2013

Documentary Film “Blackfish” Shows the Truth about the Evil Behind SeaWorld: A Must See!

I’ve said it many times before – video and pictures are worth a thousand words.  Well, finally, a film is coming that will show just how the free Killer Whales get to SeaWorld and then what happens to them to make them do those stupid tricks.  HERE’S A HINT: THEY STEAL THEM FROM THEIR NATURAL ENVIRONMENT!!  Yep, all for money….of course.

JUST SIMPLY WATCH THE TRAILOR AT and you’ll get a first introduction to the horror behind SeaWorld.  I’ve also embedded it below.

Easy Action for Wolves: urge Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe to Extend the Comment Period and Hold Public Hearings for Wolf Recovery

I wish I didn’t have t post this stuff so much, but the war on wolves keeps on going.  Here is a new action.  It’s easy and quick, so please do:

Evil Montana Increases “Bag Limit” For Next Wolf Hunt: Dipshits & Evil Over Science

Yeah, it’s seeming pretty bleak.  Just as it is at the federal level, hunters are controlling the process as their good buddies allow them to kill even more wolves. 

"Montana Fish and Wildlife commissioners on Wednesday increased the bag limit from one to five wolves per person and extended the state’s next hunting season, but they also set new restrictions in areas adjacent to Yellowstone National Park."

Friday, July 05, 2013

Please Please Please Sign this Petition to the White House to Prevent Further Wolf Slaughter

Though it’s doubtful it will reach 100K signatures, this is the most efficient way to speak out on the horror that is the delisting of wolves. 

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