Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ask Germany to Stop the Extradition of Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson to Costa Rica Where He Likely Will be Killed: EASY ACTION

This is a very easy action to take.  

The contacts are listed right on the web page for you to tell them to not extradite Shepherd Captain Paul Watson to Costa Rica.  

As you’ll read at the page located at he likely will be killed should he be forced to go to Costa Rica due to the shark fin mafia. 


Friday, May 25, 2012

White Trash Tennessee Sicko Wacko Teens Preston Ray Odle, 18, and Levi Nash Evans, 19, Sadistically Torture Puppy for Four Hours: What You Can Do

If I ever meet these damn hillbillies and their parents, they will pay.

I haven’t heard of something this horrific for a while and I hope one day to come face-to-face with these trash.  Anyone who might want to take a trip, let me know.

The story gives a link to the police department (Dresden Police Department in Tenessee - ) and the Police Chief - Chief Randal Walker.  Maybe it’s time to start calling to find out who in the court system we need to talk to to make sure these sick country bumpkins get their due.  Well, unless someone does the same to them, justice will not be served, but let’s at least try to get them some jail time.

The full story can be found here:     I warn you that you won’t believe the sickness theses slimy backwoods hicks carried out. 

Here’s one act these slack-jawed devils did:  “At one point, the puppy’s mouth was wired shut, then it was choked with a wire and hung from a tree limb. Ultimately, the boys reported that they stabbed the puppy in the back with a knife. The puppy died from wounds sustained in the ordeal just hours after it was found.  It’s the worst case of animal abuse ever reported in Dresden.”

Even more telling is this paragraph that shows just how even Preston Ray Odle is.  Note that he lists Sick Michael Vick as one of his favorite athlete.  I bet Vick is very proud of him:  “Odle’s neighbors commented that they weren’t surprised about the charges. Odle is an avid hunter who lists his occupation on his Facebook profile as “Deer and duck hunting,” and posted an update on May 14 that said: “So I went possum woppin tonight, and kicked one right in the tail.” He also lists Michael Vick as one of his favorite athletes.”

So visit the article at      and then the City of Dresden Police Department at and speak out.

Oh, and here are their Facebook accounts.  Let’s make them pay: - looks like the little scum took it down.  Keep trying though. - this country POS thinks he’s pretty cool.  Maybe we can set up a meeting.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson Arrested in Germany and May be Extradited to Costa Rica Where He Will Face a Politically Motivated, Unfair Trial: How You Can Help Stop

We all know who Paul Watson is.  He IS the man who is stopping whaling.  

Please go to and see how you can help.  DO IT NOW!!

Here is some information from the website:

“We have 15 hours to make our case to Germany's Federal Minister of Justice. Her name is Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger. She is the only person in the world who can step in to overturn the decision of the lower courts in Germany and keep Captain Watson from being extradited to Costa Rica. If she does not make this decision in the next 15 hours, Captain Watson will be held in jail in Germany for 90 days pending an appeal process prior to his extradition.”

Please go to and see how you can help.  DO IT NOW!!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Evil China Moves from Non-Human Animal Torture to Eating the Flesh of Dead Human Babies: Yep, Not Even Humans are Safe Around them

It’s common knowledge among those in law enforcement and child protection that those who abuse or kill non-human animals will soon move onto humans.  Well, this proves it even more.

The Chinese are the cruelest people on Earth and have forever abused and then eaten (or taken as medicine) all species.  Just view our recent posting on .

Well, this now proves that not even human life is safe from the callous, cruel mind of the Chinese, as I guess to them even their own species is fair game for their ignorant beliefs of what will make them stronger, etc.

Evil.  Pure evil.

Here are links to 3 stories that discuss this recent finding that the Chinese are eating the flesh of dead human babies:

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Scott Jurek, the World’s Top Ultrarunner Talks About his Transformation to Veganism and how it Allowed him to Reach Greatness: Includes Recipes!

Here’s a positive story for the day!  Sometimes, among all the hell we read about comes a good story.

Ironically, it was an arrogant meat eater who told me about Scott Jurek.  Thankfully he did as I now add him to those I look up to.  An amazing vegan athlete whose success simply cannot be denied (well, I’m sure Fox would try).  Truly, this guy is amazing, and, as you’ll see in this excerpt, his greatness was fully realized ONCE he finally went full vegan (or plant based as he says).

Here is a little taken from the full article at,7120,s6-242-303--14320-F,00.html

“I spent the next two to three years testing the theory. In the spring of '97, I cut out meat. I won the Voyageur again. Then fish. I won the Voyageur a third time, and placed second in my first 100-miler, facing ultrarunning's top competitors. When I finally went vegan in 1999, I lost a layer of fat—the layer that came with eating the cookies and cakes and cheese pizza that so many omnivores and even vegetarians gulp down. I learned that I could eat more, enjoy it more (fruit tasted sweeter, vegetables crunchier and more flavorful), and still get leaner than I had ever been in my life. I started on more whole grains and legumes. Muscles I didn't even know I had popped out. My blood pressure and triglyceride levels dropped to all-time lows, my HDL, "good" cholesterol, shot up to an all-time high. I had virtually no joint inflammation, even after miles of pounding trails and roads, and on the rare occasion I sprained my ankle or fell and whacked my elbow or knee, the soreness left faster than it ever had before. I was running in the morning, working eight-to 10-hour days, then running 10 miles in the evening—yet I woke up with more energy every day.

Was it the food I was adding—the vitamins and minerals? Or was it what I wasn't eating, the concentrated carcinogens, excess protein, refined carbohydrates, trans fats? Was the sum of a plant-based diet greater than its parts? I wasn't sure of the answer, but I had never felt better. The Western States 100 was coming up. Could I compete? Could I win? If so, how many records could I claim with my newfound secret? I aimed to find out.”

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