Friday, May 27, 2011

Egomaniac Soccer Player - Panamanian Defender Luis Moreno of Deportivo Pereira Kicks Live Owl Mascot to Death

We can only hope this egomaniacal sick and twisted killer gets any punishment.

Here is a paragraph from the story at

“What makes this heartbreaking incident even more distressing and enraging is that Moreno purposefully approached the stunned bird lying on the field -- after being accidentally injured with the ball -- issuing a fatal blow to the owl, punting it with a powerful kick. Both opponents and team-mates looked on, watching the entire incident with disbelief. Local fans were outraged and shouted "Murderer" at the player.”

Sick Bastard Shoots Dog and Buries it Alive to Die in Malta in Ghar Hasan in Birzebbuga. Luckily the Dog Survives

I post these types of stories to remind everyone that we must always remain vigilant as plenty of sickos exist that have no problem torturing and killing other species. Of course, this tends to lead to violence against humans too.

I also post this to see if anyone reading this might know the sick bastard who did this. He, she, they need to be caught.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Takes on a New Challenge and Promises to Eat Only what He Kills: Admits Killing Various Animals Himself: The Good and Bad

Most of you have probably already seen this story - Facebook CEO promises to eat only what he kills

I hesitated to post on this as what I say may be misinterpreted by both sides. Yet, I decided to do so in order to make one point: at least this guy has decided to see just how meat ends up on a plate. No people, it doesn’t just wrap itself in plastic or paper all neat and pretty for you to just pick up and take home.

Most humans and billionaires could care less and really think that the world is for the humans only. I worked with an ego maniacal rich guy that always defaulted to the idiotic food chain argument. He was barely over 5 ft. tall and weighed about as much as an elementary school kid, and I always challenged him to go out into the woods, or plains, or wherever and see if he could take an animal’s life with only human hands (and weak teeth with very little canine teeth compared to true carnivores like cats and dogs.) Humans simply cannot do it and need technology to help them even get an animal. I always tell people to check out Meet Your Meat and then get back to me. OR

So, though it’s absolutely ridiculous that Zuckerberg or any other human thinks they NEED meat, at least this billionaire kid has the guts to do what most will not do and actually takes a life vs. having his personal assistant pick it up at the gourmet market each night.

My Message to Mark

Now, Mark, if you read this, you don’t need to eat meat, so I suggest you stop taking lives and move on to the more sophisticated and thoughtful life of vegetarianism or veganism. You’re obviously really thinking this out and take responsibility for your actions. Plus man…you live in veg. heaven in California so there is no need to kill any more animals. In the article, it’s even stated that “Zuckerberg doesn't forget his pledge; if he can't be the one to provide the meat, he orders strictly off the vegetarian menu.” This shows that you’re at least thinking and that’s 100 times better than that average non-thinking human. So, though I’m sure you can afford the best personal chefs, here are three great vegetarian starter packs to get you on your way -

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sad News for Sickos in Florida: Bestiality Law Might Finally Pass

Strange that it took this long.

As stated in the article below, this was necessary: “Rich took up the anti-bestiality fight after a number of cases involving sexual activity with animals in recent years, including a Panhandle man who was suspected of accidentally asphyxiating a family goat during a sex act and the abuse of a horse in the Keys. The bill would make such acts a first-degree misdemeanor.”

Good start but unfortunately it is only a misdemeanor. Let me translate – they care, but not really. Plus, if a sicko only sees a misdemeanor as the highest he’ll/she’ll get, they will take that risk. Make it a felony and the potential for bestiality goes down.

Sea Shepherd News: Keep Up with the Most Effective Group in the World

As you know, Sea Shepherd has been successful as of late in the fight against whaling. Well, they’re heading out again on various causes. Keep up to date on what they’re doing via their newsletter -

Western Governors Hate Wolves and Want to Kill Them: How You Can Speak Up

Please read for details but essentially wolves (as always) are threatened by potential legistlative measures.

Just look back at our post - Federal Budget Removes Wolves from the Endangered Species Act (ESA): President and Politicians Give a Great Present to Ranchers and Hunters

Quick Action Allows You to Help Animals in the Areas Affected by Tornadoes and Severe Flooding in the U.S.

I haven’t yet checked out this group, so if anyone has any negative feedback, please let me know. But, much help is needed down there -

Just like Romania, Spain Hates Dogs Too: Strays Abused and Killed

They’re not quite China, but Spain has always hated animals. Think bull fighting. But, this sad story shows that, as in Romania, strays are abused and killed with no regard to pain or suffering. This page also allows you to voice your opposition to their practices -

Video Shows Endangered Sumatran Tigers in the Forest: About them and a Graphic on how Tigers are Screwed Worldwide

Sadly, as the article states, logging may soon be allowed in the area they were spotted in. Yes, corruption goes worldwide -

Also, take a look at this graphic on the tiger population worldwide. Yep, you guessed it, it’s not good.

Assembly Bill 376 Would Ban the Possession, Sale, Trade and Distribution of Shark Fins: Quick Way to Help Voice Your Support

Yes, shark finning still occurs. Gee, I wonder who’s responsible for it? Hummm. Here’s a quick action you can take along with some facts -

Thursday, May 05, 2011

GEARI Seeks Help / Volunteers for Launch of New Website - Easy Project, Not Ongoing

As the name implies, will be a site that is focused on showing the reality of animal testing and vivisection via real photos and videos. The new .tv domain is in use by many groups as a web property that signifies the presence of AV resources and supplements their main sites or blogs. We’re simply looking to use our place in the AR world to bring attention to this issue.

If you look at the search logs of or, you’ll see a very significant amount of searches for videos and photos showing the unfortunate reality of animal testing or vivisection. Many of these people are simply trying to gauge the nature of this unnecessary practice. A significant number are looking for proof and/or material for class projects, speeches, etc. Many brave souls have taken undercover footage from animal testing facilities in order to bring to light to the public the reality of this horror. We at GEARI hope to add one more resource that allows truth and education to speak for the reality many innocent victims face every day in countless facilities across the world.

I’m looking for one or two good volunteers to help get this up. Your job will be to pull embedded code from YouTube videos, Vivmeo, etc. and also from photo sharing sites such as Flickr and paste it into the blog. Very easy. I just need assistance on this initial part and you do not need to make an ongoing commitment.

If you’re interested, please email I’d like to get this rolling soon.


Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Siberian-Bengal Tiger (Tony) Still Living in Squalor in Cage at the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, Louisiana: How to Express Your Horror

Talk about a living hell. I think it’s obvious why this is absolutely ridiculous and horribly cruel, but in case you don’t get why:

“Tony has spent the past decade in a small enclosure that is devoid of any forms of enrichment, like trees, logs or other plants that would allow him to live like a tiger should. He has suffered through ten hot and humid Louisiana summers with no pool of water large enough to cool himself. Day and night, Tony's sensitive ears and nose are subjected to the loud drone of the nearby freeway and the noise and noxious fumes from the idling trucks.”

Sicko “Shot Dog Film” “Artist” Commissioned to Create Sculpture for NY Public Library: How to Get this Stopped

Reminds me of Sick Michael Vick getting signed again for millions after killing and abusing dogs.

Seems Tom Otterness could get $750,000 for a sculpture.

As some of you remember, Tom is a very sick animal abuser. “In 1977, Otterness was involved in another art project. He bought a shelter dog, chained it to a fence, shot it to death and filmed the murder in a movie he called 'Shot Dog Film.'”

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