Friday, October 21, 2011

Speak Out About the Unnecessary Slaughter of the “Escaped” Animals in Ohio: Demand Regulation that Prohibits Keeping Exotic Animals

I wrote a few days back (and I’m sure you’ve read plenty) about the horrible situation that occurred when the deranged jack ass let various large and “exotic” animals free from cages in Ohio. What ensued was a ridiculous killing spree by blood-hungry cops who likely just wanted trophies. They easily could have simply tranquilized instead of killing. As you heard, the dead near 50, including rare Bengal Tigers.

Well, due to the idiocy of Ohio and the wacko governor John Kasich, there are no such regulations on keeping such animals. Yeah, believe it or not.

Safe to say that if Ohio wasn’t so stupid, this wouldn’t have occurred.

To demand a ban on private ownership of exotic animals in Ohio visit this link:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Facebook Page to Help Stop the Cruel Raccoon Dog Fur Trade: "Like" it Now!

Yes, Cruel China continues to torture and murder many animals every year for the fur trade. Well, as you know, in China no animal is safe, but the Raccoon Dog seems to get the worst of it.

Learn more and “like” the page at:

*Also: For a crash course on the inherent cruelty of the Chinese culture, including video proof, see

In Russia, There are No Federal Anti Animal Cruelty Laws to Help Circus Animals (or any animals): What You Can Do

Yep, “Russia does not have any federal animal cruelty laws, and that's why we need to come to the rescue of these poor circus animals. Write to the Russian government asking them to enact federal anti animal cruelty laws so performing animals don't suffer further complications due to inadequate living arrangements.”

Follow this link to learn more and TRY to change this:

Awesome Infographic: Veganism Myths Debunked. A Must See. Take a Look!

What a great infographic. Very thoughtfully put together and backed up with facts. A true must see.

I was going to embed it below, but it did not size right. So, please view it at

Famous Vegetarians and Vegans: You’re in Good Company if You Are Too!

Just some quick links to good stories on famous vegetarians and vegans. Just to remind all of you who also are (but are not famous) that you’re not alone!

Cruel Rich Guys Want a Toy: Trafficking of Baby Gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is Growing: One Recently Saved. Video

Yes, it’s awesome that one infant Grauer Gorilla was recently saved. But, poaching of the majestic Gorilla is alive and well, all to make money on the black market. AKA, cruel rich guys want a toy. Makes me sick.

Read the story and view video at:

North Carolina Wildlife Agents Storm Farm in Randolph County and Kill Nine Deer, Including 7 Fallow Exotic Deer

Yep, believe it or not:

“On September 20th, armed North Carolina Wildlife Agents stormed a farm in Randolph County. The warden carried a warrant to kill nine deer, including 7 fallow exotic deer that were owned by Mr. Kinley and 2 white tail deer that were still in rehabilitation from injury or abandonment. All 9 deer were slaughtered.”

Stop North Carolina Wildlife Commission from Killing Tame Deer and Fawns at

Manny Pacquiao May be a Great Fighter, but He’s Also an Animal Abuser: Admits that he Loves Cock Fighting

Yes, Manny Pacquiao is a hero to a lot of people. He is a great fighter. But, he also loves animal abuse and animal killing.

Don’t believe me? Read here:

Cruel Business Wants to Kill the Dolphin-Safe Tuna Label: Speak Up

Yeah, I know many of us do not eat Tuna, but let’s at least speak up to keep it Dolphin-safe (as much as that’s possible).

Idiots and Vick-Like Scum Dumping Dogs in the Florida Everglades: Luckily, Some Trying to Save Them

Yeah, these scum would make Michael Vick proud, as they have no regard for the lives of dogs and will throw them to their death.

“It's a heart wrenching problem, dogs of all shapes and sizes are being dumped in the Florida Everglades.”

You can view the video of this issue at

Once Again, “Shoot to Kill” Instead of Tranquilize and Save: Loose Animals in Zanesville, Ohio Hunted Instead of Saved

**I want to add this a day after the original post below: this was found in an article: "The animals that were killed include 18 rare Bengal tigers and 17 lions." FU again to you bastards who went straight to killing! 18 Rare Bengal Tigers??!! WTF? You HAD to kill them? BS. You just wanted a trophy you sickos!

First, what the hell was some jack ass doing with animals like bears, wolves, etc.? WTF did he expect would happen should they get loose?

You’ve likely heard that “An Ohio town is under lockdown as dozens of wild animals including bears, wolves and tigers have escaped from a private preserve are and are on the loose after the owner of the preserve has been found dead.”

Everyone knows that cops lean toward killing. But, you’d hope that faced with the reality of killing an animal that was unnaturally caged for a long time, that they’d vote for sedation. But, oh, wait, they’re men too, and men love to kill. Oh, I guess saving them is too much work for gun-happy police.

For more on this story, see

Monday, October 03, 2011

Yes Again! Vegetarian Strongman Patrik Baboumian Pledges to Go Vegan for the Rest of 2011!

I wrote last week about vegetarian strongman Patrik Baboumian, who won Germany's Strongest Man 2011 Competition. You can read that story here:

So not only has he proved to the world and to the haters that a vegetarian diet not only is healthy, he also proves that it can make you stronger and a better athlete.

In a recent blogging, he states that he’s going vegan for the rest of 2011. Check it out here:

Right on Patrik! You and I will keep on proving the haters wrong in the weight room!

Pediatrics Residency Training Programs at the University of Washington Continue to Use Live Animals. AKA, Vivisection: Tell them to Stop

It’s the year 2011 and it’s not necessary to use live animals in medical school teaching. In fact, many of the top 10 schools do not.

Here’s a quick link to visit a page where you can learn more and voice your opposition:

Vietnam, like China, Supports Stealing, Torturing, and Eating Dogs: Common in Many Restaurants

What a disturbing story. Seems China isn’t the only sick country in the world that gets off on torturing and then eating dogs. Seems that many in Vietnam also love to steal, and then torture and eat dogs, many of which were sold to restaurants.

I’m not going to go on and on about this, as this is an obviously horrible situation. I’ve instead pasted in parts of the story below which summarize this horrendous cruelty taking part daily in Vietnam and other savage Asian countries (“[t]he tradition, also popular in parts of China, South Korea and the Philippines…”)

You can read the full story here:

"Dog meat is a delicacy in Vietnam that's often on the menu at parties, especially in the north. Restaurants specializing in barbecue dog are especially popular at the end of each lunar month when men dine on canine in hopes of purging bad luck."

"Dog restaurants in the capital, Hanoi, have boomed as Vietnam has become one of Asia's fastest-developing economies."

“…thieves who cruise neighborhoods on motorbikes, snaring pets quicker than a U.S. car thief can hotwire a Cadillac Escalade. Sometimes, they incapacitate the dogs first by shooting them with darts or arrows pulsating with electric current.”

"Scruffy medium-sized dogs are commonly seen jammed into wire cages on backs of motorbikes in Vietnam. They are slaughtered, skinned and roasted, and can be seen dangling from wires outside restaurants, tails straight and teeth bared. Dog dishes range from barbecues to soups served with pungent shrimp paste."

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