Friday, September 20, 2013

A Reminder of How Sick and Cruel Michael Vick is: And, Buffalo Wild Wings Having Him Sign Autographs: Call and Express Your Disgust

First, read the witness statement of just ONE of Sick Vicks cruel and twisted acts.  When you do you’ll once again remember why it’s so unbelievable that someone so twisted could get a job again and make millions.  The NFL likes them sick.

Then, call the number below and tell them that if Sick Vick is there that you’ll not support the restaurant again. 

Here is the post with the number:

MICHAEL VICK will be in York, PA, at the East York BUFFALO WILD WING on October 30 signing autographs for $75 a pop..The manager's name is Tony... 717-751-1712. Buffalo Wild Wings is making a huge statement with the decision to align themselves with someone as vile as Michael Vick. Redemption my ass. God will forgive him but I won't. And he is charging $75 to his "fans" to sign his name. It's amazing they wouldn't see this as an insult. I hope this goes viral and people make them regret this decision. Very bad business move on their part."

Urban Decay is Owned by L’Oreal, an Animal Testing Company: Why then is it on the PETA List of Companies that Do Not Test on Animals

I received an email (see below) regarding this important issue.  I’ve found similar things like this in the past as well. But, I was unaware of the ownership issue with Urban Decay.  On our site we link to PETA’s list at  as it is really the main go-to for this issue.  So, please contact them and ask why this company is on this list when it’s owned by L’Oreal.

Here’s the message I received:

I noticed on the PETA list of companies who do not test, they have Urban Decay listed & no where is it mentioned that Urban Decay is owned by L'oreal.  Urban Decay has been using their "cruelty free" platform to dupe consumers into believing they do not have any ties to animal testing.  As anybody who is actively supporting cruelty free companies knows, L’Oreal is a major abuser of animals.  When I contacted Urban Decay they used the leaping bunny logo & PETA to try to substantiate their "cruelty free" claim.  In my opinion, if you're buying Urban Decay you're buying L’Oreal.  I particularly despise Urban Decay/L’Oreal for their deliberate attempt to mislead consumers.  Regardless if Urban Decay line isn't tested on IS L’Oreal & they go to great lengths to hide that information.

Friday, September 13, 2013

As if Letting Sick Vick Back Wasn’t Bad Enough, the NFL Continues to Fund Horrifying Experiments on Live Animals

Just seems the NFL can’t do right by other species.  Letting Sick Vick back in was horror, but now this. 

“For years, the National Football League Foundation, formerly known as NFL Charities, has quietly funded horrific and deadly sports-injury experiments on dogs, mice, rats, and other animals at Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of California–Los Angeles, the University of Notre Dame, and other schools and private laboratories.”

Patrik Baboumian the Vegan Strongman Sets Record: Shoulders 550 kg

Love this guy.  I lift too, so it’s good to have a pro to look up to.  His site is  So, shut the f…k up you idiots who push the full meat diet.  Take on Patrik is you’d like to try.

“The 34-year-old, who already holds world records for log lifts and overhead beer keg lifts, carried a yoke loaded with just over 550 kilograms 10 metres across a stage at the Harbourfront Centre on Sunday afternoon — at Toronto’s Vegetarian Food Festival.

According to organizers, it’s the heaviest load ever carried — equivalent to a large horse. (Guinness World Records spokesperson Sara Wilcox said the attempt was for a new record category, “heaviest yoke carry travelling 10 metres,” adding that Guinness can't verify the record until it receives documentation.)”

Pretty Simple: 22,000 Plus Signatures And Counting…Please Sign To Stop The Slaughter Of Montana’s Wolves

Simple stuff:

22,000 Plus Signatures And Counting…Please Sign To Stop The Slaughter Of Montana’s Wolves

Plant-Based ‘Beyond Eggs’ Are Coming to Whole Foods

Plant-Based ‘Beyond Eggs’ Are Coming to Whole Foods

Very cool.  Let's see how they do!  Support!!

"I am a wolf pup and I probably won't get to grow up because I live in Idaho. Most people here hate me, and killing has started again.” BOYCOTT IDAHO!

Yep, evil killers in Idaho can kill wolves any way they want.  Sadistic state.  Boycott all ID products.

ALSO, to act immediately to prevent further killing and delisting by Obama, visit

"I am a wolf pup and I probably won't get to grow up because I live in Idaho. Most people here hate me, and killing has started again. They are mad at my family because we have to feed ourselves.....I think they would be mad even if we only ate the grass. The humans like to kill in Idaho --- they think it's fun.

I know you are out there too, the good people who fight for us, so that we can stay in your world. Although we will never actually meet......I somehow KNOW you..... and I carry you in my heart as a run through the trees for as long as 'they' let me. Many howls....

The Rapper DMX is a POS: Dead Dogs Found at Home: Another Dog Fighting Issue

Sick Vick was probably there helping him with his horrid mission of killing dogs.  Well, I guess DMX is just another mediocre POS with too much money who loves violence.

“PHOENIX — Two dogs found buried at a home belonging to rapper DMX had serious wounds, authorities investigating animal neglect allegations said Saturday.

One of the dogs had serious bite wounds and another had trauma to its abdomen, but exact causes of death were not determined, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said. A third dog carcass had been burned so badly an exam was inconclusive.”

Thursday, September 05, 2013

IMPORTANT: Wolves Given Extra Time: Comment Period to Prevent Delisitng Moved to Oct. 28. GET ON IT!

Well, at least there’s a chance.  Please read and follow the link below.  The form letter can be used.  IT’S ALL VERY EASY!!!!  We need to make sure they are not delisted.

The US FWS has extended the comment period (to October 28, 2013) for the federal delisting of wolves nationwide.


Please take a second and send your comment to USFWS and ask to maintain the Endangered Species Act protection for gray wolves.

To make it easier Rhonda has enclosed copy of a letter that you can use / modify.
All the instructions how and where to submit your comments are at the end of this sample letter.
Please act now, tomorrow could be too late.
Thank you as usual for taking action.

September 2, 2013

Director Daniel Ashe
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
1849 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20240

Dear Director Ashe,
I am writing to you in your capacity as Director of US Fish and Wildlife Services to request in the most urgent manner possible that USFWS maintain the Endangered Species Act protection for gray wolves currently protected under the Act. I do NOT accept in any way, based on any information provided, that wolves are recovered as a species. Wolves have only returned to 5% of their former habitat; this is strictly politically motivated as I am sure you are well aware. If not politically motivated, then why is it the bald eagle was delisted in 2007, but we have not allowed open hunting and trapping? Why then are we even contemplating doing that with wolves? The stated goal of the Endangered Species Act is to save species from extinction and to fully recover the species by removing threats to its survival.

As you are well aware, there has been much discussion, and indeed outrage by the fact that politics once again weighed in to dictate the decisions concerning the fate of the gray wolf, rather than best science available decisions. While I applaud the decision of the USFWS to put on hold for an indefinite time, according to FWS spokesman Gavin Shire on August 12th (as per the LA Times), I would urge you to allow the PEER review of the well qualified scientists and biologists to be reviewed carefully by USWFS and that protection is maintained for the gray wolves currently protected under the Act.

In some areas of Idaho close to 700 wolves, including lactating females and pups, can be killed at anytime. In the state of Wyoming 83 percent of that states wolves can be killed year round without a license. The state of Montana will allow a “bag limit” of up to five wolves per hunter/trapper. I defy anyone to call this scientific stewardship of this apex, keystone predator; necessary to provide balance to our eco system!
Director Ashe, I hope your decisions on the gray wolf will echo the integral role you played in responding to a 2005 complaint that agency geologist had botched an evaluation of the habitant needs of panthers. The protection of the gray wolf against those who would seek to completely remove them from the landscape, from their rightful homeland, certainly deserves no less.

Thank you for your consideration.


To submit your comments please follow the link provided.!documentDetail;D=FWS-HQ-ES-2013-0073-0001

When you have accessed this webpage look for :
“Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants: Gray Wolf (Canis lupus), Mexican Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi)”

Now look to the top right hand corner of the page and locate the button that says: “Comment Now”
This will bring you to the comment page. Please cut and paste the provided comment, modify the provided comment our use your own words to tell Director Dan Ashe and other decision makers your feelings on why we need to protect all of Americas wolves under the Endangered Species Act.

See the Real Faces of the Victims of Animal Testing: Photos of the Victims Being Shipped to Hell

To me this photo says so much.  You see the first part of a trip to hell for two alive beings.  Of course, they do not know their horrid fate.  Beagles are such incredible creatures that they probably even wag their tails for the horrid creatures about to torture them.  I put in the text below, but PLEASE SHOP CRUELTY FREE TO NOT SUPPORT THIS HORRID REALITY.  There’s a link about that below, and also visit our guide on HOW TO BUY CRUELTY FREE AT

They have no other names. Their life history is a breeding record. Their future is a basement laboratory. These two beagles were in transit last month from a breeder in New York to a lab in the Pacific Northwest. For the last two months Beagle Freedom Project has being trying to arrange for their post “research” life… to no avail thus far.

The work continues. Do your part by shopping cruelty-free:

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