Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Boycott the Philadelphia Eagles: Have Agreed to Pay Dog Killer Felon, Sick Michael Vick $100 Million Over 6 Years: Corrupt System and Corrupt Business

Some of you have probably already heard. Here’s just one story on this sad ending - http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news;_ylt=Ak1lnKLwbswYczIMTeDOUEY5nYcB?slug=ap-eagles-vick

It’s difficult to put into words the frustration and sadness this brings about. Truly crushes a lot of those I’m around. As we all struggle daily to get any attention to our issues, some sick, gangster felon, who can run fast and throw a football, even after brutal animal abuse conviction, is now, once again, a rich person.

I can only ask each of you to just keep moving forward. It’s obvious our system is sick and corrupt, and the NFL truly is, the National Felon League. They care little about honoring good behavior and, instead, look the other way and hire felons just to make themselves rich.

Perhaps everyone has forgotten just how sick he really is. Well, if you’re one of those with a short memory, let me help remind you by reading out post: Forgotten How Sadistic Michael Vick is? “Jumper cables were clipped onto the ears of...dogs…connected to...batteries before…tossing...into water"

Oh, and here’s another one: “Vick did all that and more to his dogs, and even threw family pets into the pit with fighters and laughed while they were mauled, according to a witness who testified to federal investigators.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Urgent: Tomorrow, 8-20-11, "Snapperfest" in Indiana: Snapping Turtles Slammed to the Ground, Swung Around, Have their Heads Yanked From their Shells

Urgent: Tomorrow, 8-20-11, Snapperfest Happens in Indiana. Snapping Turtles Slammed to the Ground, Swung Around, and Have their Heads Yanked From their Shells

Yep, only in Indiana. What the f… What is the fing point?

Please visit the following link and make an easy action to attempt to get this stopped: http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-snapperfest#letter_form

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

World Farm Animals Day (WFAD) is October 2nd: Learn More and Get Involved

A very important event.

As stated at their site, “World Farm Animals Day (WFAD), observed on (or around) October 2nd, is dedicated to exposing, mourning, and memorializing the more than 65 billion cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, and other land animals who needlessly suffer and die every year in the world's farms and slaughterhouses.”

Please visit http://www.wfad.org/ to learn more and get involved.

Sadly, it’s Not just Chinese who Eat Dogs: People in Thailand and Vietnam Do Too: Proof? Video and Photos of Thai Police Break Up Dog Smuggling Ring

We all know that the Chinese are the cruelest on Earth, but those in Thailand and Vietnam apparently also like to torture and eat dogs. Yes, sadly, it is true. Proof? Look at the photos and video for this story at http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2011/08/thai-police-bust-dog-smuggling-ring/ Thankfully, this group was saved.

Here are some facts about this story:

“More than a thousand dogs headed for the dinner table were spared when Thai authorities uncovered a massive dog smuggling operation last week.

Jammed into crowded cages at the Nakhon Phanom Animal Quarantine Station, the future of the dogs is still in question, but officials hope to send a strong message to would-be smugglers: three suspects now face charges including unlicensed trade in animals, illegal transport of animals, transport of dogs to an area under rabies monitoring, cruelty to animals, and violation of vaccination law, among others.

According to Nakhon Phanom Governor Rerngsak Mahawinijchaimontree, “Police believe all the dogs would have been transferred to a ship waiting in Ban Phaeng district of Nakhon Phanom before going across the Mekong River to be sold in Vietnam, where lots of dogs are ordered to be cooked as famous exotic dishes.”

You can read the story and view the photos and video at:


Ellen DeGeneres Publishes Excellent Blog “Going Vegan with Ellen”: Recipes, Tips, Vegan Living: Amazing Resource

Wow. I had no idea she was vegan. Ellen, if you read this, you have put together one excellent blog. I encourage all of you to visit it, as it is full of useful information. It can be found at http://vegan.ellen.warnerbros.com/

Endangered Gorilla Hidden in African Prison with Poachers: Luckily is Found

Seems they were attempting to smuggle her from the Democratic Republic of Congo into Rwanda. Sick f…s.

I can only express happiness that the baby gorilla was found. What a bunch of sick bastards.

“On Sunday night, a female baby mountain gorilla was found in an African jail, curled up on a bed alongside poachers who attempted to smuggle her from the Democratic Republic of Congo into Rwanda, according to the World Wildlife Fund. Rwandan authorities said the poachers had bought it for $15,000.”

You can read the story at http://hken.ibtimes.com/articles/195645/20110810/africa-jail-prison-mountain-gorilla-world-wildlife-fund-democratic-republic-of-congo-rwanda-rise-of.htm

Puppy Mill - Shadow Mountain Kennel - in Missouri Poses as Rescue Group: HSUS Calls for Investigation

Wow, another liar using lives to profit. I added some paragraphs in below that summarizes the situation, but you can read the whole story at http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2011/08/mo-puppy-mill-posing-as-dog-rescue-group/

“The HSUS’ complaint contends that Laymon is violating the state’s consumer protection law, also known as the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act, by deceiving the public into believing that the dogs in her operation are rescued from other facilities, when in fact many of the dogs may be coming directly from her puppy mill.”

“The HSUS named Laymon’s breeding facility, Shadow Mountain Kennel, as one of the worst licensed puppy mills in the state in its 2010 and 2011“Missouri’s Dirty Dozen” reports. The kennel received a “dishonorable mention” in both reports based on consumer complaints about sick and dying puppies Laymon allegedly sold over the Internet, as well as USDA and state inspection records citing Laymon for numerous violations of federal and state welfare standards.”

“The violations included excessively matted dogs, inadequate veterinary care, and dirty housing conditions. In 2009, the USDA fined Laymon $7,125 for repeated violations and suspended her license for three years. However, Laymon continues to be licensed by the Missouri Department of Agriculture even though she has been cited by that agency at least 36 times for animal care violations.”

ASPCA Brings Awareness to the Horrors of Pet Stores and Puppy Mills via Campaign “No Pet Store Puppies”

Great group and great campaign. Ever wonder why those in the know tell you not to buy from pet stores? Simply – puppy mills. Learn more about this issue at http://www.nopetstorepuppies.com/

“The campaign raises awareness about puppy mill cruelty and aims to reduce the demand for puppies that come from puppy mills by urging consumers not to buy anything at pet stores or on Web sites that sell puppies.”

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

10 Movies that Educate on the Vegetarian Lifestyle: For Beginners and Pros

Most of these you've likely seen. Some even made it main stream. Great films that use facts to explain the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle (for amateurs and pros).

Want to shut up your grandmother who simply doesn't get (or want to get) why you don't eat meat? Well, these will do so in a nice manner.

Group Seeks to Spay/Neuter and Vaccinate the Street Dogs of Bhutan: Contribute if You Can

Apparently there is a significant problem with stray dogs in Bhutan. Luckily, unlike in most parts of the world, most in Bhutan practice compassion so abuse is limited. But, overpopulation leads to it's own problems. To learn more, visit https://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/store/item.do?siteId=310&itemId=46423&origin=ARS_FACE_FAN_ADGROUP_GTGM_BHUTANPUP_0726

Vegan (Yes, Vegan) or Cruelty Free Wine and Cheese: Excellent List

Yep, believe it or not. See, it's easy to choose cruelty free. Great list of vegan / cruelty free wine and cheese at http://www.vegnews.com/web/articles/page.do;jsessionid=3412EB6C3F88CA1F7A7D39D0B40E7F58?pageId=2588&catId=7

Excellent List of Vegan or Cruelty Free Summer Beers

Near and dear to my heart. Great list of vegan / cruelty free beers at http://www.vegnews.com/web/articles/page.do;jsessionid=3412EB6C3F88CA1F7A7D39D0B40E7F58?pageId=3365&catId=7

Wondering What Sunscreens are Vegan or Cruelty Free? Check Out this Guide to Find Out

Excellent vegan / cruelty free sunscreen guide. Highly suggest you all check it out at http://www.vegnews.com/web/articles/page.do;jsessionid=95E39D83B167EE9F389CDF2B79107F6D?pageId=3413&catId=7

Another Great Facebook Page: Stop Puppy Mills

Again, the name says it all. The page can be found at http://www.facebook.com/StopPuppyMills

don't know what a puppy mill is and why they are cruel? Start at this page to learn more - http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/puppy_mills/

Great Facebook Page: Help Get Military Working Dogs Medical Benefits

The title says it all and this is a no brainer. They are forced to do dangerous work and they deserve to be rewarded. Check it out at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Help-Get-Military-Working-Dogs-Medical-Benefits/128513627237177?sk=wall

If You Care for Elephants: Tell Malaysian Prime Minister Razak to Free the Abused Baby Elephants, Paloh and Jeli

You can read more about this sad case and act at http://www.change.org/petitions/malaysian-prime-minister-razak-free-paloh-and-jeli-the-baby-elephants-and-send-them-to-a-sanctuary?utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=own_wall

An excellent Facebook page has also been created to help educate on this matter. Visit it at http://www.facebook.com/SavePalohthebabyElephant

In summary:

"Please help babies Paloh and Jeli..they are being held at the Johor Zoo in Malaysia..they are kept in a barren exhibit without toys, access to clean water for drinking and playing,proper diet and only each other for company..There is nothing to stimulate them..Please help them get moved to a sanctuary where they can receive the proper diet, care and stimulation they so desperately need as well as the companionship of adult elephants .please help Paloh and Jeli get to the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary{NECC}within the next 7 days..thank you"

Monroe, Louisiana - Dog Continues to Live On a Chain in Miserable Heat! Are You In the Area and Can Help?

The title speaks for itself. If you think there is anything you can do please check out this page:

You'll find the person to contact when visiting the page.

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