Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yes! Vegetarian Strongman Patrik Baboumian Wins Germany's Strongest Man 2011 Competition: Proof Again as to the Power of the Veg Diet!

Ha ha, haters. Look at this. Germany's strongest man is a full on vegetarian! Oh man….what can you say now?

Amazing and very inspirational. Another example (proof) of how a vegetarian diet not only is healthy, it can make you stronger and a better athlete. As stated in the article, Patrik believes that "being vegetarian makes you a better athlete!"

My new hero: Patrik Baboumian. PLEASE visit his website at and give him some support. And haters, take a look at his site and just how bad ass he is and then shut up!

This story can be found at:

World Animal Day is October 4th: Find Out More

This is definitely an international event as you’ll see at the website at

Please check it out and get involved!

Please “Like” the Facebook Page - Pet Pardons: Help Save Shelter Animals About to be Killed

Yes, I know it’s not a pleasant thing to look at every day, but maybe you’ll see some in your area that you can share with friends. And maybe, you can help get some adopted!

Please visit the page at:

Another Famous Vegetarian Pro Athlete: Mike Zigomanis of the Toronto Maple Leafs

These are my favorite stories as they truly dispel so many myths about vegetarians.

This sentiment is echoed over and over by athletes that switch to a non-meat diet: “He discovered there was no change in his energy or strength, and in fact, he now considers himself stronger and better overall as a player.”

Toronto Permanently Bans the Sale of Dogs and Cats in Pet Stores: Victory over Puppy Mills and Pet Stores!

Yes, it’s in Canada, but this should lead to change in the US as well.

Pet Stores are the reason for puppy and kitten mills, or, aka, pet overpopulation and mass killing, all started by breeders.

Anyone with a heart and head knows that adoption from a shelter is the only way to ensure you’re not directly funding cruelty.

To learn more about the evils of pet stores and puppy mills, visit:

Yes! The West Hollywood City Council Voted Unanimously to Ban the Sale of Fur: Victory!

Wow. You’d think Hollywood would just love fur. After all, it’s narcissism run rampant.


You can read the whole story here:

Sicko Animal Control Officer Steve Skoklo Only Gets Minor Fees and Small Probation for Cruelly Murdering Kitten in a Bar

Hey Sicko Skoklo: if you’re reading this you tough guy, try to slam me and throw me onto the floor! We’ll see who wins.

Yep, in a bar.

“Skoklo was accused of killing a 3 month old stray tabby kitten that wandered into McGee’s Bar in Skoklo’s hometown of Madison IL in an incident from 2007. He was said to have picked up the kitten and slammed it into a door frame and then thrown it onto the floor. Horrified bar patrons called the police.”

It’s simple logic to know that this sicko has killed countless others after he cruelly captured them.

The full story is at:

Donna Karan Loves to Design Clothes that Uses Rabbit Fur: New Website Shows Just How Cruel She Is

Check out the website at:

Here’s a paragraph that sums it up: “Donna Karan's clothing lines include fur that's ripped from the bodies of rabbits who endure deplorable living conditions, neglect, and filth on Chinese fur farms while they wait to die in the name of fashion. This barbaric treatment doesn't exactly fit the tenets of yoga, which advocate peace and freedom from suffering for all living beings. But because Donna Karan claims to be a devout yoga practitioner, we're giving her a new yoga chart to follow that shows the hidden truth behind fur.”

Idiotic, Cruel, Sri Lankan Hindu Death Ritual Stopped by Sri Lankan Minister: 100s of Goats Spared Decapitation

It just never stops, especially in regard to religion. And hey, those of you who state that Hindus are all peaceful vegetarians read this article:

In a nut shell:

“The grisly ritual, in which goats are decapitated in public using a large hatchet, was first banned in the 1980s but was revived as locals believe the animals' blood grants favours from the gods.”

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