Friday, September 21, 2012

A Call for Help from Dare County (Hatteras Island) North Carolina: Extreme Animal Cruelty Occurring: Can You Help or Know Anyone in this Area?

Received this disturbing email and I promised the author I’d pass it on.  Seems he is at the end of any options he has thought of for dealing with this backwoods, good ol’ boy mentality of officials turning their back on prosecuting animal cruelty.  Heck, seems the “Sheriff” actually likes the abuse of animals and finds it funny.

In short, I’m putting this out there in hopes someone can help the author.  If you are in NC or know of anyone there, or in Hatteras Island, please let him know.  I’d say the best thing to do would be to email him at OR, let me know and I’ll get you his phone number.  He goes by Daniel.


We are trying to form a group called Dare Citizens Against Animal Cruelty here in Dare County (Hatteras Island) NC.
Locals here are running down animals trying to cross our only road for fun. The death toll is staggering and horrific. Our local Sheriff Doug Doughtie and Board of Commissioners think it is funny and won't help no matter what. This is also a National Park with many endangered species. The Audubon Society has already sanctioned these animal abusive locals with a lawsuit closing the beaches, but they are not helping save any of the rest of the wildlife.

There was a raccoon mother trying to take her three babies across the road she was run down, they saw the babies clinging to the dead mothers body and turned around came back ran down 2 of the babies, then ran down the 3rd on the way back by-I know this because only one car had been by since I had checked the road and the blood splatters in the opposite lane told the whole story. How can anyone find that amusing?

Recently, Tony and Candy Willis's 10 and 14 year old boys lured a puppy a half mile out to the busy highway and threw a stick out into traffic to watch it get hit which it did and had to have it's leg amputated. The couple who run the pet boarding place here witnessed it offered to testify but Sheriff Doughtie and the magistrate are refusing to let the owner (one of our only single african-american mothers) bring charges even though it is a felony under NC Statute 14-360.The Parents think it is funny!

This has become a place where drunks sit on their porches and use stray innocent cats as target practice, which I have personally witnessed. I am trying to fix, feed and build shelters for as many cats here as I can and I feed all other animals to keep them away from the road. I have been picking up the dead bodies on the road for 5 years now and taking some pictures so I know what is going on here. There is a culture of animal cruelty here.

Can you help with this or pass this along to someone who will?

Dare Citizens Against Animal Cruelty

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