Thursday, June 27, 2013

3 EASY Petitions to Sign to ONCE AGAIN Tell Obama to Reverse His Cruel Decision and Put Gray Wolves Back on the Endangered List

Easy….please do them now.

 “Since President Obama removed the gray wolf from the endangered species list in April 2011 and turned management of these majestic animals over to state wildlife agencies, 1,703
wolves have been senselessly slaughtered by sport hunters and trappers alone in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota and Wisconsin.”


Fire USDA Wildlife Services Federal Trapper Jamie Olson from Wyoming for Animal Cruelty

The picture says it all.  Jamie Olson is a sado masochist who gets off on extreme and unnecessary cruelty.  AND GUESS WHAT?  HE’S PAID BY TAX DOLLARS!!    

And that's the point about trapping - it's only done by sickos who actually do it to get off on finding the poor creature alive so they can torture it.  Jamie - you're a coward and so are the rest of you sicko trappers!  FU!

I put in the text below, but please visit this link and in the upper right you’ll be able to sign.

"On November 2nd the Sacramento Bee and the Missoula Independent published graphic images of Wyoming-based Wildlife Services employee Jamie P. Olson's dogs tormenting and mauling trapped wildlife including coyotes, bobcats and raccoons. The articles detailed animal abuse and torture instigated by Olson, who posted these photographs (several of which are described as “work” indicating he took these while working for the government) on various websites including his personal Facebook Page and several hunting sites.

Gary Strader, a former Wildlife Services trapper in Nevada, reports in the Sacramento Bee (11.2.12) that such abuse is “very common” and was not surprised to learn about the photos. "It always was and always will be controversial. It has never been addressed by the higher-ups. They know it happens on a regular basis."

Such brutality and callous disregard for the welfare of animals is particularly egregious when done by a government employee in the course of his employment and must not be tolerated.

Please join Project Coyote, the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) and many other organizations and individuals in calling for Olson’s immediate termination and for an investigation into this and other reports of animal cruelty.

(Please click "Opt-In" when signing this petition and we will keep you informed on meaningful ways to protect coyotes and other native carnivores from wanton abuse and cruelty and to promote coexistence instead of killing.)

Thank you."

Please visit this link and in the upper right you’ll be able to sign.

Friday, June 21, 2013

George Billman of Ohio State University Still Torturing and Killing Dogs: Help Put an End to It

Seems George Billman really likes killing dogs.  IN fact, he’s already killed over 760.  It’s time for us to try to get this sadist to stop.  Imagine is someone was doing this in their home; they’d be seen as a wacko and hopefully would be arrested for animal cruelty.

So, please go to the following link to speak out:

"...he surgically implants a cuff around the artery of a dog’s heart. The dog is then forced to endure strenuous exercise on a treadmill while Mr. Billman tightens the cuff, causing constriction of the artery and subsequent heart attack. This form of testing causes immense suffering and pain in these creatures and is research that is no longer warranted."

Quick Action to Demand that the AZA Help Lucky the Elephant Who is Being Held Hostage at the San Antonio Zoo

Very easy, please visit and do this quick action.

“It’s been just over a month since the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) granted the San Antonio Zoo an exemption from industry standards, condemning an elephant named Lucky to life in solitary confinement. Lucky has been alone since March, when the zoo’s other elephant, Queenie (Boo), died.

The AZA—an industry organization created by zoos for zoos—ignored pleas from IDA and thousands of supporters to deny the variance and to instead work with the San Antonio Zoo to place Lucky at a facility that could offer her room to roam and the companionship of other elephants. Now, with the AZA’s complicity, 53-year-old Lucky will likely be alone until she dies—a cruel sentence for any elephant, as they are profoundly social animals.”

Sweet: Stephen Colbert Calls Out Evil Steve King of Iowa for His Love of Cruelty

Some people just love cruelty; Steve King of Iowa does.  And some people are just brilliant and can use humor and satire to show just how much the evil haters love cruelty.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Good Job Humans: Western Black Rhino Declared Extinct

I’m sure that many ego humans are celebrating this tragedy.  No hope.

“The subspecies of the black rhino -- which is classified as "critically endangered" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species -- was last seen in western Africa in 2006.

The IUCN warns that other rhinos could follow saying Africa's northern white rhino is "teetering on the brink of extinction" while Asia's Javan rhino is "making its last stand" due to continued poaching and lack of conservation.”

Proof Once Again: Chinese Most Evil in the World: Take Photo with Dying Dolphin While Laughing

No surprise to me.  The Chinese care nothing about animal cruelty.  For some reason they have massive egos that lead to small hearts.  This photo is just another form of proof. I posted in the text of the story below, but you can view the story at:

Very telling too, is this line at the end of the story:  “The tourists have yet to be identified in the press, but it will unlikely lead to any charges as China does not currently have any laws on the books that protect non-endangered species.”

Chinese Tourists Snap Selfies with Dying Dolphin

Tourists who stumbled onto a gravely injured dolphin while swimming off the coast of Sanya City in the Chinese province of Hainan are being blasted on local social networks for manhandling the distressed animal and posing with it for pictures in lieu of alerting wildlife authorities.

The dolphin later died of "excessive bleeding" at a nearby marine park, according to Shanghai Daily.

Experts believe the dolphin may have collided with a fishing boat, as evidenced by the injury to its tail.

A group of men who found the stranded dolphin proceeded to lift it out of the water and take photos of themselves, which were later posted to the microblogging service Sina Weibo.

Users were outraged, saying the photos, exhibiting a basic disregard for life, shook their faith in China.

One user, who noted that dolphins were highly evolved mammals with "an IQ only a little lower than humans," contrasted that by saying the "people in the pictures are worse than pigs."

The tourists have yet to be identified in the press, but it will unlikely lead to any charges as China does not currently have any laws on the books that protect non-endangered species.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Simple Petition: Don't Delist Endangered Wolves

The Cruelest Show On TV, Discovery's “Yukon Men” Exposed for What it is: Lies in Order to Gain Viewers: Money from Cruelty

What a great article.  Please visit to read it in whole.  In essence, the author does a great job of proving that Yukon Men and others’ like it literally lie about wolves, wolverines, bears, etc. stating they are mean and killers in order to grow viewership.  In essence, it’s all cruelty just for ratings.  They lie about the true nature of the majestic animals that need to be left alone.  Discovery Channel can f..k off and I hope you all do not support them.

I’ve pasted some text below to summarize, but again, please visit the story at:

“Frenetic edits and manic music are used to build drama, authoritative-sounding voiceovers combine with the tightly edited words of the on-screen characters tell how dangerous, vicious or deadly the creatures we're seeing on screen are. I spot occasions where animal noises seem to have been overdubbed to make them sound scarier. It makes for gripping viewing, but I wondered if Discovery wasn't betraying its viewers who trust it to deliver reliable, factual TV. As a trained zoologist and filmmaker, much of what I was seeing didn't make sense to me.

Take wolverines for example: I lived in Alaska for almost a year and never saw one. They're extremely shy and avoid humans. Although they're capable predators of small animals and found in many cold, high-latitude regions of the northern hemisphere, I'd never heard of a wolverine killing a person.

I searched the web and could not find a single documented case of a wolverine even attacking a person anywhere in the world, ever.

To double-check, I emailed Jeff Copeland of the Wolverine Foundation, who told me that "we are not aware of any instance in which a wolverine has killed a human, or even attempted to do so", which perhaps explains why the wolverines in Yukon Men are doing their desperate best to get away from their human assailants.

Wolves are a lot larger than wolverines, of course. But even though the US and Canada hold over 60,000 wolves, I found only two records of fatal attacks by wild wolves in these countries in last ten years; one controversial case in Saskatchewan, Canada, in 2005, which some experts think was actually a bear attack, and another in Alaska in 2010.

Why did the producers of Yukon Men tell their viewers that there had been twenty fatal wolf attacks in the last ten years, implying that these had taken place around Tanana? Why does a 'factual' show portray Alaskan wolves as man-eating monsters straight out of Victorian fairytales, a serious threat to life and limb, when the data show that wolf attacks are extremely rare in North America?

Idaho-based wolf expert Suzanne Stone told me that she'd once been surrounded by a howling pack of gray wolves while sitting by a campfire in the twilight, armed only with a marshmallow on a stick. The animals were only twenty or thirty yards away. Was she scared, I asked? "No, not at all. It was an incredible experience. I howled back and forth with them", adding that people and domestic livestock were the most dangerous creatures she'd encountered in many years of walking in wolf-inhabited backcountry.”

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hurry: Tell Wyoming Game and Fish to Not Allow the Killing of Wolves: Very Easy

The meeting is coming up, so get on it.

Scroll down and go to the link that states  Submit Your Comments Online.

Then, obviously, tell evil Wyoming that there is no need to murder more wolves just so some people can get off on killing:

Submitting Comments
Written public comments shall be accepted on regulations at all public information gathering meetings and at the Casper Regional Office. Copies of draft regulations may be obtained from the address listed below in accordance with Wyoming Game and Fish Commission Regulation Chapter 1, Regulation Governing Access to Records. Written comments should be mailed to the following address:

Wyoming Game and Fish Department
Wildlife Division
ATTN: Regulations
3030 Energy Lane
Casper, WY 82604
(307) 473-3400

Friday, June 07, 2013

3 Reasons Given by Idiots Who Kill Wolves & Why They are Stupid and Wrong. Fake Liberal Obama Needs to Read Prior to Further Wolf Delisting

This incredible article should be read as it’s likely to happen today that fake liberal Obama and his new secretary (ex CEO of REI, so might need to boycott that store), will remove ALL protections for grey wolves.  A horrid policy put forth by a man who likely (as he always does) acted out of fear of being yelled at by wacko hunters and ranchers.

Just added:  Here's how to contact Obama and Jewell to try and get this madness stopped:,News2

Here’s just an excerpt:

"Stupid reason #3: Wolves are dangerous to humans. Jesus Christ, no they are not. The grey wolf is a timid animal, much more likely to run from an approaching human than to make any kind of aggressive gesture. To be fair, wolves can occasionally contract rabies from other animals--they're not natural carriers themselves--and nearly all reported cases of wolf attack have been by rabid wolves. But that doesn't even matter!

Since wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone in 1995, there have been zero attacks. In that same 100-year period, there were 71 fatal attacks from brown bears (including the grizzly subspecies). Oh, and about 17 people die every year from dog attacks. Wolves run when they see humans. They are not dangerous. You are not "protecting your property" when you shoot a wolf in your backyard; you are murdering an animal that's scared as hell of you."

Thursday, June 06, 2013

University of Limerick Students Murder Small Dog to Celebrate end of School: contact the School to Let Them Know Sickos Need to be Punished

Yeah, everyday something horrible happens that doesn't make sense.  You’ll find the contact information of the president of the University of Limerick at the end of the story at:

Vegan Boss to Perform at Annual National Animal Rights Day, June 9

Here is a press release I just received.  

VEGAN BOSS Performs at 3rd Annual
National Animal Rights Day, June 9
Animal Rights Evangelist and Vegan Rapper
Preaches Awareness Through Music
at Santa Monica Beach!

June 6, 2013 – SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Vegan rapper and animal rights evangelist VEGAN BOSS performs at the Third Annual National Animal Rights Day, held on the beaches of Santa Monica north of the Santa Monica Pier, June 9 from 12pm till 5pm. VEGAN BOSS performs from 1:40pm until 2pm. The event commemorates the billions of animals losing their lives every year by human hands and includes the public signing of the 50-foot-long Declaration of Animal Rights.
“When I was approached by my friend Brenda Calvillo to perform at National Animal Rights Day, I jumped on it,” says VEGAN BOSS. “Animal Rights is something I truly believe in and am passionate about. I use my music to raise awareness about the same issues NARD stands for.”
This performance comes at the heels of the rapper’s highly successful performances last month at the Fourth Annual Los Angeles Vegan Beer & Food Festival, held on the famed Sunset Strip, and at the Animal Advocacy Museum in Pasadena. “VEGAN BOSS did an amazing job,” said Animal Advocacy Museum founder Prabhat Gautam. “We will certainly ask him to come back and perform again in the future.”
VEGAN BOSS will be performing “F*ck Fur,” “Animal,” “Dreams,” “I Love That,” and a brand new song debuting live at NARD, entitled “Everything is Vegan.” In addition to the live performances, VEGAN BOSS will have The Vegan Federation T-shirts available for sale, and will be available to meet with fans for photos and outreach.
"Every year in the United States, 10 billion land animals and 20 billion sea animals are killed for food. An additional 10 million die in laboratories, and 3 million are killed for their skin and fur. Another 200 million are killed by hunters,” says NARD coordinator Vida Jafari. “Activists hope to educate the public about this reality and offer an alternative: adopting a cruelty-free, non-animal based lifestyle.”
“Through his music, lifestyle, and involvement with the Animal Rights movement, VEGAN BOSS is absolutely one of these activists who will change the hearts and minds of many through his art,” Jafari continues. “We are thrilled to have VEGAN BOSS perform for Los Angeles' very first National Animal Rights Day. His fire and commitment to Animal Liberation does not go unnoticed."
VEGAN BOSS leads a cruelty-free life and spends a significant amount of his free time, in the trenches, fighting for animal rights and trying to raise awareness about the atrocities inflicted upon these animals on a daily basis. In addition to raising awareness about animal cruelty, he also helps people adopt a healthier way of living, erase the stereotype all vegans are hippies, and bring love back into the hearts of mankind. His music and past performances can be seen here; fans can follow his work and mission here. His single, “I Love That,” can be purchased at iTunes here.
The Third Annual National Animal Rights Day, including its calendar of events, visit and its Facebook page at The event is free to attend.
This journey of compassion started back in 2009, when VEGAN BOSS (formerly known as J FIELDS) was helping a friend prepare for a demo against vivisection at UCLA. He was infected with knowledge that he just couldn't ignore - but it wasn't until the day of the protest that VEGAN BOSS felt the energy of the movement. Every since that day, VEGAN BOSS has been leading a cruelty-free life and spending a significant amount of his free time, in the trenches, fighting for animal rights and trying to raise awareness about the atrocities inflicted upon these animals on a daily basis. It was due to this lifestyle change that VEGAN BOSS decided to change the direction of his music. “You see, when we're out here protesting, only people walking or driving by the protested area become aware. Music has the ability to reach millions, even billions, of people in an instant,” says VEGAN BOSS on his method of protest. He not only raises awareness about animal cruelty, but also helps people adopt a healthier way of living, erase the stereotype that all vegans are hippies, and bring LOVE back into the hearts of mankind. VEGAN BOSS is more than just a rapper – he is a visionary. For more information, visit and
About National Animal Rights Day:
Established in 2011 by the “Our Planet. Theirs Too.” Foundation in New York City, National Animal Rights Day (NARD) has become an annual tradition in the US. On this day, we remember, and give a voice to, the billions of animals who die by human hands in this country every year. We mourn their loss, reiterate their rights to live happy and free, and celebrate their existence in our lives. Starting with a collective requiem ceremony and signing of the 50-foot-long Declaration of Animal Rights, a festival of music, food, and displays will take over, encouraging the public to join our vision by adopting an animal and planet-friendly lifestyle. You are invited to participate in this historic annual event, to embrace an alternate vision for life on planet Earth for all species. For more information, visit and its Facebook page at
VEGAN BOSS, @VeganSwag87, VEGANBOSS87, National Animal Rights Day, NARD, Santa Monica, animal rights, vegan, cruelty-free, vegan rapper, vegan rap, June 9
# # #
Please direct all media requests for VEGAN BOSS to:

National Animal Rights Day is June 9: Website Describes Actions Across Country

National Animal Rights Day is June 9.  Please check out for more info. and please take part if can!

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