Friday, June 07, 2013

3 Reasons Given by Idiots Who Kill Wolves & Why They are Stupid and Wrong. Fake Liberal Obama Needs to Read Prior to Further Wolf Delisting

This incredible article should be read as it’s likely to happen today that fake liberal Obama and his new secretary (ex CEO of REI, so might need to boycott that store), will remove ALL protections for grey wolves.  A horrid policy put forth by a man who likely (as he always does) acted out of fear of being yelled at by wacko hunters and ranchers.

Just added:  Here's how to contact Obama and Jewell to try and get this madness stopped:,News2

Here’s just an excerpt:

"Stupid reason #3: Wolves are dangerous to humans. Jesus Christ, no they are not. The grey wolf is a timid animal, much more likely to run from an approaching human than to make any kind of aggressive gesture. To be fair, wolves can occasionally contract rabies from other animals--they're not natural carriers themselves--and nearly all reported cases of wolf attack have been by rabid wolves. But that doesn't even matter!

Since wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone in 1995, there have been zero attacks. In that same 100-year period, there were 71 fatal attacks from brown bears (including the grizzly subspecies). Oh, and about 17 people die every year from dog attacks. Wolves run when they see humans. They are not dangerous. You are not "protecting your property" when you shoot a wolf in your backyard; you are murdering an animal that's scared as hell of you."

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