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The Cruelest Show On TV, Discovery's “Yukon Men” Exposed for What it is: Lies in Order to Gain Viewers: Money from Cruelty

What a great article.  Please visit to read it in whole.  In essence, the author does a great job of proving that Yukon Men and others’ like it literally lie about wolves, wolverines, bears, etc. stating they are mean and killers in order to grow viewership.  In essence, it’s all cruelty just for ratings.  They lie about the true nature of the majestic animals that need to be left alone.  Discovery Channel can f..k off and I hope you all do not support them.

I’ve pasted some text below to summarize, but again, please visit the story at:

“Frenetic edits and manic music are used to build drama, authoritative-sounding voiceovers combine with the tightly edited words of the on-screen characters tell how dangerous, vicious or deadly the creatures we're seeing on screen are. I spot occasions where animal noises seem to have been overdubbed to make them sound scarier. It makes for gripping viewing, but I wondered if Discovery wasn't betraying its viewers who trust it to deliver reliable, factual TV. As a trained zoologist and filmmaker, much of what I was seeing didn't make sense to me.

Take wolverines for example: I lived in Alaska for almost a year and never saw one. They're extremely shy and avoid humans. Although they're capable predators of small animals and found in many cold, high-latitude regions of the northern hemisphere, I'd never heard of a wolverine killing a person.

I searched the web and could not find a single documented case of a wolverine even attacking a person anywhere in the world, ever.

To double-check, I emailed Jeff Copeland of the Wolverine Foundation, who told me that "we are not aware of any instance in which a wolverine has killed a human, or even attempted to do so", which perhaps explains why the wolverines in Yukon Men are doing their desperate best to get away from their human assailants.

Wolves are a lot larger than wolverines, of course. But even though the US and Canada hold over 60,000 wolves, I found only two records of fatal attacks by wild wolves in these countries in last ten years; one controversial case in Saskatchewan, Canada, in 2005, which some experts think was actually a bear attack, and another in Alaska in 2010.

Why did the producers of Yukon Men tell their viewers that there had been twenty fatal wolf attacks in the last ten years, implying that these had taken place around Tanana? Why does a 'factual' show portray Alaskan wolves as man-eating monsters straight out of Victorian fairytales, a serious threat to life and limb, when the data show that wolf attacks are extremely rare in North America?

Idaho-based wolf expert Suzanne Stone told me that she'd once been surrounded by a howling pack of gray wolves while sitting by a campfire in the twilight, armed only with a marshmallow on a stick. The animals were only twenty or thirty yards away. Was she scared, I asked? "No, not at all. It was an incredible experience. I howled back and forth with them", adding that people and domestic livestock were the most dangerous creatures she'd encountered in many years of walking in wolf-inhabited backcountry.”


Zaxtor said...

With the protest that me, Sandee and few others did on Yukon men facebook page with 14k likes, it barely get anymore posts cus the overwhelming evidence and exposure pressure about this cruel colonialism based show.

People are soo emotionally bias to this show they lose their sense of humanity and morals and if we protest in the civil way they will freak out, stalk people, bully people, slander and even hack people who disagree with this horrid show. Is a typical trapper's behavior they have short temper, arrogant, selfish, denial, bullies and criminals.

Besides this show is not legit.
Has some interesting thing to know.

part article:
In the legislature Thursday, independent MLA Darius Elias said the show demonstrates illegal trapping, and that “Yukon hunters and trappers consider this program’s name as an outright case of identity theft.

True survivalist don't waste energy.
Wasting energy is a difference between life and death,
These people does it just to promote trapping and use this show as an umbrella to make it look like a survival show.

I saw document of natives and Inuits hunting, they're far more humane than these people in that show.
This show is made by the white man and is very colonialism based.
Is excessively cruel toward both domesticated dogs and wild animals.

As said before and will say again.

Yukon men is not true survival. True survivalist don't waste energy nor
being disorganized and nor being brutes and savages like this man who
beat this wolverine with a stick while holding a gun and then shooting
it. Also true survivalist don't use snowmobile and dogs at the same
time. The dogs in that show are soo neglected which is pet abuse. They abuse wild animals as well.

Yukon men is a mockery to the natives.
The way these white men in that show beat animals with stick in traps like real trappers who trap for profit does.
Is not survival based, is being as inhumane as possible to the animal to maximize the pelt value.
Survivalist is not about profit, is about surviving.
Natives don't care for money, they care to not die.
Many trapped animals are non edible. Wolverine is not edible, they take their skin and throw the rest away. Pretty wasteful uh?
I even saw hunters criticizing this show and they say "it gives us the black eye".

Why I say it gives the native bad names?
It makes them look like violent the way people kill animals in the show by beating the animal with sticks like savages.

and uncivil barbarians. Well is mostly made by trappers, Makers of this
were white men.. Also the folks in that show are well dressed and have
decent jobs. They do that for profit not survival. They use soo call
"survival" for making extra profit. They're inhumane as possible to
animals to maximize pelt value. True survival is not about profit, is
about surviving.

In real life the natives don't do that, they kill the animal as fast and humane as possible.
Real natives has more ethics and more morality than these morons in the show.

Also Yukon men reminds me of a VERY racist film called Africa addio.

This movie slanders toward African tribes and make them look like
disorganized savages, hunts like mindless animals and uses dogs. They
waste lots of energy. Some use modern weapons. Also modern factory made
pants and shorts w/e. This movie was soo based on colonialism.

Real African tribes conserve their energy because in REAL survival we
must waste little energy as possible. African tribes are highly
organized they take their time when they hunt, They don't chase animals
like mindless savages.

Ebert gave this film 0/4 stars to Africa Addio..
"Africa Addio" is a brutal, dishonest, racist film. It slanders a continent and at the same time diminishes the human spirit. And it does so to entertain us.

Now back to Yukon men, It is awful and is an atrocity.
Is by far the worst show in history soo far.
As for Yukon men I would give it a 0/4.

Anonymous said...

Please sign this petition to get this atrocious cruel blood show Yukon men off of discovery.

Is over half way there.

Also spread this petition.

I do my part too.

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