Monday, January 18, 2010

Tallulah Jane - NYC Based Cruelty-Free Perfumery: All Products are Vegan and Created Without Animal Testing

From time to time I will do a posting on small businesses that are creating products without animal products and without animal testing. I’ve included the text of an email sent to me regarding Tallulah Jane, a NYC Based Perfumery.

Here is a copy of our press release which can give you some insight into our company and our products. We are part of PETAs Cruelty-Free Companies program and are awaiting our Leaping Bunny certification. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.

In the tradition of old world luxury but with a modern sensibility, Tallulah Jane is a NYC based perfumery creating natural scents made from botanical essences and absolutes. These ingredients are organic or wildcrafted whenever possible, without compromising the quality of the perfume. All of our alcohols and carrier oils are certified organic.

Each of Tallulah Jane's vintages are mixed in small casks to maintain purity and left to macerate before pouring. Many of our ingredients are rare and grown seasonally so mass production is difficult, making each vintage that much more unique.

We are committed to making our products ethically, ensuring to never use extracts from plants and trees that are considered unsustainable. Our priorities are not only to create desirable luxury products that are free of parabens, phthalates, and petrochemicals but to preserve and cause no harm to the environment around us. All of our products are vegan and we are completely against animal testing.

Eleanor Jane

Friday, January 15, 2010

True Activist, Bob Barker, Puts His Money where his Mouth is and Gives Five Million Dollars for an Anti-Whaling Ship

Bob Barker has always been a man of his word and convictions. This time he really spoke up and will help lead the battle against the evil whaling practices of evil Japan. “Barker donated that amount to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which named its new 1,200-ton anti-whaling ship The Bob Barker.”


Bob Barker helps stop whaling with namesake ship


Five million dollars for an anti-whaling ship? Bob Barker says the price is right.Barker donated that amount to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which named its new 1,200-ton anti-whaling ship The Bob Barker.The ship had its first confrontation with whalers on Tuesday when it joined two other Sea Shepherd vessels aiming to stop a Japanese whaling mission near Antarctica.

"Whaling was shut down today," Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson said via satellite phone from aboard a nearby ship. "There's no whaling now and hopefully no whaling after this."The Bob Barker is a high-speed former whaling ship that can cut through ice, Watson said, adding that the vessel "makes it a lot easier for us to shut down these whaling operations."Sea Shepherd, which Watson describes as an "anti-poaching organization," aims to enforce the United Nations World Charter for Nature by physically intervening in illegal whaling missions.

"They're targeting endangered and protected whales," he said.Barker, a longtime animal activist, stepped up his efforts even more after retiring from his 35-year gig hosting "The Price Is Right." He met Watson through a fellow animal activist and was instantly impressed."He said he thought he could put the Japanese whaling fleet out of business if he had $5 million," Barker recalled. "I said, 'I think you do have the skills to do that, and I have $5 million, so let's get it on,' so that's what we did."Barker, 86, said he was "genuinely proud" to be associated with Sea Shepherd. And while the TV studio where "The Price Is Right" is filmed is officially called the Bob Barker Studio, the veteran broadcaster said he's never had a ship named after him."It was our idea to name it the Bob Barker. He's a little too humble for that," Watson said. "I thought it was the least we could do."

Environment Minister of India, Jairam Ramesh, Calls for Reduced Animal Testing Via New Technology

It's well known that animal testing / vivisection is outdated and ineffectual in many ways and that technology has put forth superior non-animal testing methods. For more on this see our Alternatives to Animal Testing page at


Ramesh for technology to replace clinical trial of animals

Press Trust of India / New Delhi January 15, 2010, 16:20 IST

Concerned over increasing use of animals for clinical trials, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh today advocated alternatives to reduce the practice and said India was taking certain steps in that direction.

"Recent trend shows the use of primates in experimentation is on an upward climb. With the development of human genome research, activities of commercial units and industries and modern methods, there is growing demand of primates in experimentation.

"But, we need not open the floodgates to use animals in experimentation in the name of academic knowledge," he said after inaugurating 'National Conference, 2010' of the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), here.
He said it was because of international concern and action taken by animal rights activists, civil society organisations, NGOs etc in the country that there was growing awareness and consciousness in the commitments to not use animals.

"But we need to transform to replacement and use modern technology to ensure alternatives which meets the concern of animal lovers. We are taking tentative steps to enter refinement phase.

"We must refine our methods, and replace animals in experiments. Indian culture respect all forms of life, human as well as animal. We will show respect in use of animals in experimentation," he added.

"Save the Dogs from the Chill Project" Saving Shelter Dogs from the Freezing Cold by Taking in Used Sweaters

Great project. Donate if you can. Received an email about and I’m happy to spread the word.

Learn more at:

Here is the text of their email

We are trying to save shelter dogs from the freezing cold this year by taking in used sweaters (donated to us) and then recycling them into doggy sweaters for all the dogs stuck outside the shelters this time of year.

I noticed on your website you had a list of resources and I was hoping you would ad us to that list to help us spread the word about this cause. We not only want to reach dog lovers to obtain old sweaters but also shelters who may be in need of these sweaters.

So please ad our blog to your resource list.

You have no idea how much your support means to us and these dogs. Due to over population in many dog shelters around the country, thousands of dogs are forced to sleep outside the shelters in a damp and cold environment and some even die.

Thank you.

Clarissa Jones / Member of the "Save the Dogs From the Chill Project"

PS We will be taking sweater donations through next year to prepare for the following winter as well. Anything you can do to help spread the word is appreciated.

Blog: Christian Vegetarianism - an archive

Was told of this via an email. Always willing to spread the word about interesting and relevant resources.

The HSUS 2009 Victories Video: Some Battles Were Won Last Year

You can find the video here:

I provide this link not as a plug; I receive nothing from them. Also, I don’t give my explicit support to any one group. I’m providing this link as an FYI and to see that some good victories were won last year. Not enough, but at least some.

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