Monday, March 29, 2010

The Annual Canadian Baby Seal Slaughter / Bludgeoning: About It and What You Can Do

I’ve posted a link below to what I believe is one of the most reputable organizations fighting the annual Canadian baby seal slaughter. Yes, I am sad to say that even in 2010, this unnecessary display of animal abuse perpetrated on defenseless baby animals is alive and well. The page that I am linking to also lets you know what you can do.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Justice for Rigsby the Beheaded dog

And, just so I don’t overly disturb you today, I end off with the worst crime of them all – the beheading of a dog, Rigsby. Many of you may have heard of this. I first did via Rescue Ink.

To make a sick story short, some very sick individuals actually beheaded / removed a dog’s head while still alive. As stated at the website, “On January 20, 2010, an image surfaced on the internet depicting a hand holding a recently removed dog’s head. Much investigation has been done since then and the criminals responsible for the horrific offense are closer than ever to being brought to justice.

For those unfamiliar with this atrocity, please refer to the wiki for the full story behind picture and the subsequent investigation.”

So please visit and sign the petition to make sure a full investigation is done. It’s pretty easy to sign. Painless, vs what Rigsby went through. Don’t be lazy.

Stop the Whale and Dolphin Slaughter in the Faroe Islands

Unfortunately bad things are still occurring. As such I bring you petitions. Please read about and act. And, this one is a seriously cruel issue.

Every summer, boys in the Denmark-owned Faroe Islands participate in a coming-of-age tradition where they kill hundreds of dolphins and whales to prove their "manhood."

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Help Protect the Working Carriage Horses of New York City and Urge NYC Council Members to Pppose Intro. 653

Strange and sad how bills actually attempt to harm rather than help. As stated via the link below, “A bill being considered by New York City, Intro. 653, would drastically weaken the oversight and implementation of proper care for the city's long-suffering carriage horses -- and even allow the industry to self-regulate through a third-party arrangement if it so chose…These horses work for their living, and deserve to have clean stalls and bedding, proper food, and appropriate care. Protect these iconic animals -- tell New York City Council members to oppose Intro. 653.”

Urge Massachusetts Legislators to Support the Bill to Stop the Practice of Convenience Devocalization: H.B. 344: "Convenience Devocalization"

Came across this today. Please feel free to pass on. As stated in the message, “’Convenience devocalization’ cuts away an animal's vocal chords in a painful and even dangerous procedure to quiet dogs — and even cats — for mere convenience.

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