Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Justice for Rigsby the Beheaded dog

And, just so I don’t overly disturb you today, I end off with the worst crime of them all – the beheading of a dog, Rigsby. Many of you may have heard of this. I first did via Rescue Ink.

To make a sick story short, some very sick individuals actually beheaded / removed a dog’s head while still alive. As stated at the website, “On January 20, 2010, an image surfaced on the internet depicting a hand holding a recently removed dog’s head. Much investigation has been done since then and the criminals responsible for the horrific offense are closer than ever to being brought to justice.

For those unfamiliar with this atrocity, please refer to the wiki for the full story behind picture and the subsequent investigation.”

So please visit and sign the petition to make sure a full investigation is done. It’s pretty easy to sign. Painless, vs what Rigsby went through. Don’t be lazy.


Anonymous said...

Please keep us updated. That little bitch needs to be locked up forever!

Smodzy said...

Oh, this is nothing - so to speak.

I haven't read the article, as I don't have much of a stomach for grizly matters. But it is an instance of animal abuse that, at least, is considered a crime.

How about the animal abuse that Prof. White inflicted, until he retired? Under the protection of the law, he beheaded monkeys. While they were alive, he removed their heads, and replaced them with heads from fellow monkeys. Obviously, the traumatized animals were completely paralysed by the totally needless, perverted 'operation'.

GEARI.ORG said...

Thank you. I will attempt to keep you all updated.

GEARI.ORG said...

I agree that what professor White did is also a crime. It makes no difference that situation. In true logical thinking, being at a university does not make his sick, abusive actions legitimate. He too is a disturbed person.

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