Friday, March 25, 2011

One Way to Help Animals in Aftermath of Japan Earthquake

We already know that Japan hates animals anyway. After all, they fuel the trade of dead baby seal parts from the annual Canadian seal slaughter. So of course they’re not going to help them. So, we need to.

NOTE: As I always say, I do not support any one group over another. I’m posting this because it’s the only one I’ve seen and it’s an important issue. If anyone knows of other groups working on this issue, feel free to let me know.

Guess What? People in Turkey Actually LIKE to Rape Dogs: And, it’s Accepted

I don’t make this stuff up. To learn more and what you can do to speak out, visit

Did You Know that in Boulder, CO it is Legal for Landowners to Burn Prairie Dogs Alive? They Pump a Propane Mixture into Burrows then Ignite the Gas

And you thought you’d heard it all. Yep, you got it – a legal entity in CO ALLOWS people to light prairie dogs on fire! See, humans can always think of better ways to torture and kill.

As stated in the article, "Kids at the end of the cul-de-sac actually saw some prairie dogs on fire, running and screaming…"

The Year of Rights Killing: “Big Ag Wants To Make It a Crime to Expose Animal Abuse at Factory Farms”

And guess what: on the heels of WI killing workers’ rights and sending stray dogs to be tortured at universities, they’ll probably get this one too. I thought it was going to be better with the new administration. Guess not!

Another Idiotic Cultural Ritual of Animal Abuse: Germany and the Medieval Tradition of "Gaensereiten" While On a Horse, Pull the Head of a Goose Apart

Yes, you heard me – “Goose Pulling.” “[A] ritual in which people - while riding a horse - pull the head of a goose apart.”

Here’s what you can do about it:

The Kiev Zoo: Unusual Amounts of Death: Some Call it a Concentration Camp

I’m going to post two quotes here from the links below that sum it up:

“When new management took over in October, it said that nearly half the zoo's animals had either died or mysteriously disappeared in the past two years alone—and the management change hasn't stopped the bodies from piling up since.”

“KIEV, Ukraine – An Indian elephant called Boy, the pride of the Kiev Zoo, collapsed and died in his enclosure. Around the same time, Maya the camel succumbed to a digestive illness and Theo the zebra died after crashing into a metal fence.”

Here are two articles that show just how bad it is at the Kiev Zoo:

I'm a Little Behind Here But I'm Back to Posting. Man...I Could Use Some Assistance!!

Nuff said....unfortunately Animal Rights isn't too appealing to the majority so my help is nil! Oh well, back at it....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wisconsin Assembly Bill 40/Senate Bill 27 Sends Dogs to Animal Testing / Vivisection / Torture!! Not Just About Unions: Nope, I’m Not Joking

Thank you first to the person who forwarded this to me.

There's lots going on (unfortunately) but I'm going to let this shocking story run first for a couple days.

All I can say is what the hell? Why would this even be thought of AND, who in the world thought of this? My guess is the actual universities themselves stepped up to SNEAK this one in. Sick.

So, in other words…say your dog gets away and it’s not chipped. It then goes unclaimed as you search frantickaly for it. But, the Yahoos at the pound say “screw it” and send it right to “…the University of Wisconsin System, the University of Wisconsin–Madison, the Medical College of Wisconsin, Inc., or to any other educational institution of higher learning” and it ends up being tortured in horrible vivisection “experiments.” Read below and you’ll see it can happen. The text in bold says it all.

If you live in Wisconsin, it’s pretty clear what to do: oppose this bill - Wisconsin Assembly Bill 40/Senate Bill 27: and let everyone know about "SECTION 2704. 174.13 (2) the section which sneaks in pro vivisection tactics. Read below. You won’t freaking believe this!

From Wisconsin Assembly Bill 40/Senate Bill 27:
"SECTION 2704. 174.13 (2) of the statutes is amended to read:
174.13 (2) Any officer or pound which has custody of an unclaimed dog may
release the dog to the University of Wisconsin System, the University of
Wisconsin–Madison, the Medical College of Wisconsin, Inc., or to any other
educational institution of higher learning chartered under the laws of the state and accredited to the University of Wisconsin System or University of
Wisconsin–Madison, upon requisition by the institution. The requisition shall be in
writing, shall bear the signature of an authorized agent, and shall state that the dog
is requisitioned for scientific or educational purposes. If a requisition is made for a
greater number of dogs than is available at a given time, the officer or pound may
supply those immediately available and may withhold from other disposition all
unclaimed dogs coming into the officer’s or pound’s custody until the requisition is
fully discharged, excluding impounded dogs as to which ownership is established
within a reasonable period. A dog left by its owner for disposition is not considered
an unclaimed dog under this section. If operated by a county, city, village or town,
the officer or pound is entitled to the payment of $1 for each dog requisitioned."

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