Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sicko Animal Control Officer Steve Skoklo Only Gets Minor Fees and Small Probation for Cruelly Murdering Kitten in a Bar

Hey Sicko Skoklo: if you’re reading this you tough guy, try to slam me and throw me onto the floor! We’ll see who wins.

Yep, in a bar.

“Skoklo was accused of killing a 3 month old stray tabby kitten that wandered into McGee’s Bar in Skoklo’s hometown of Madison IL in an incident from 2007. He was said to have picked up the kitten and slammed it into a door frame and then thrown it onto the floor. Horrified bar patrons called the police.”

It’s simple logic to know that this sicko has killed countless others after he cruelly captured them.

The full story is at:

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