Friday, September 20, 2013

A Reminder of How Sick and Cruel Michael Vick is: And, Buffalo Wild Wings Having Him Sign Autographs: Call and Express Your Disgust

First, read the witness statement of just ONE of Sick Vicks cruel and twisted acts.  When you do you’ll once again remember why it’s so unbelievable that someone so twisted could get a job again and make millions.  The NFL likes them sick.

Then, call the number below and tell them that if Sick Vick is there that you’ll not support the restaurant again. 

Here is the post with the number:

MICHAEL VICK will be in York, PA, at the East York BUFFALO WILD WING on October 30 signing autographs for $75 a pop..The manager's name is Tony... 717-751-1712. Buffalo Wild Wings is making a huge statement with the decision to align themselves with someone as vile as Michael Vick. Redemption my ass. God will forgive him but I won't. And he is charging $75 to his "fans" to sign his name. It's amazing they wouldn't see this as an insult. I hope this goes viral and people make them regret this decision. Very bad business move on their part."

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