Friday, September 20, 2013

Urban Decay is Owned by L’Oreal, an Animal Testing Company: Why then is it on the PETA List of Companies that Do Not Test on Animals

I received an email (see below) regarding this important issue.  I’ve found similar things like this in the past as well. But, I was unaware of the ownership issue with Urban Decay.  On our site we link to PETA’s list at  as it is really the main go-to for this issue.  So, please contact them and ask why this company is on this list when it’s owned by L’Oreal.

Here’s the message I received:

I noticed on the PETA list of companies who do not test, they have Urban Decay listed & no where is it mentioned that Urban Decay is owned by L'oreal.  Urban Decay has been using their "cruelty free" platform to dupe consumers into believing they do not have any ties to animal testing.  As anybody who is actively supporting cruelty free companies knows, L’Oreal is a major abuser of animals.  When I contacted Urban Decay they used the leaping bunny logo & PETA to try to substantiate their "cruelty free" claim.  In my opinion, if you're buying Urban Decay you're buying L’Oreal.  I particularly despise Urban Decay/L’Oreal for their deliberate attempt to mislead consumers.  Regardless if Urban Decay line isn't tested on IS L’Oreal & they go to great lengths to hide that information.

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