Thursday, September 05, 2013

See the Real Faces of the Victims of Animal Testing: Photos of the Victims Being Shipped to Hell

To me this photo says so much.  You see the first part of a trip to hell for two alive beings.  Of course, they do not know their horrid fate.  Beagles are such incredible creatures that they probably even wag their tails for the horrid creatures about to torture them.  I put in the text below, but PLEASE SHOP CRUELTY FREE TO NOT SUPPORT THIS HORRID REALITY.  There’s a link about that below, and also visit our guide on HOW TO BUY CRUELTY FREE AT

They have no other names. Their life history is a breeding record. Their future is a basement laboratory. These two beagles were in transit last month from a breeder in New York to a lab in the Pacific Northwest. For the last two months Beagle Freedom Project has being trying to arrange for their post “research” life… to no avail thus far.

The work continues. Do your part by shopping cruelty-free:

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