Friday, August 30, 2013

Evil Idaho Opens Up Wolf Slaughter Season: The Numbers and Facts and What to Do

If the numbers below don't make you sick, then you're heartless.

The text below summarizes the ID situation.

Please read it below and then follow this link to tell Obama and Jewell that they've allowed enough killing and to not further de list.  - do it here;jsessionid=659E5290CFBBCA3AE84F96DC1F85BF7B.app366b?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=615&AddInterest=1102


"Wolf hunting season opens today in the Teton Valley of Idaho, & on Nov 15th, trapping will be permitted too. Wolf tags cost $11.50 & hunters/trappers are permitted up to 5 tags each. Doug Petersen of the Idaho Department of Fish & Game explains that the hunting/trapping season will help educate the "cagey critters,... not that bagging a wolf has ever been easy." He also admits that although he thought the reintroduced wolves would "slaughter" livestock, he changed his ideas after dealing with them, “they don’t kill as much livestock as I thought they would. It seems like they select more for wild game.”

699 wolves have already been killed in Idaho by hunting & trapping since ESA protections were stripped in 2011, and now USFWS plans to strip Federal protections from nearly all gray wolves nationwide. Please #StandForWolves by visiting Wolfwatcher's action page.


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