Friday, August 02, 2013

Quick Actions: Ego Maniac NFL Player Darnell Dockett buys a Tiger Cub; Support Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act: Also, End Canned Hunts

A few things:

“During the past week there has been extensive national media coverage reporting that Arizona Cardinals football player Darnell Dockett has purchased a tiger cub as a pet. He’s been boasting about it during interviews with ESPN and other media outlets. And tweeting photos of the poor cub on Twitter.
“We are extremely concerned that an NFL player, who should be a role model for young people, is instead promoting the dangerous, irresponsible and abusive practice of owning an exotic cat.”
Did you know that there are at least 10,000 big cats kept in private hands in the U.S., but that no one knows exactly how many or where?

So, a few quick actions:


Ban Canned Hunting:

As you may know, many weak fools kill enclosed majestic animals for big money and to feed their ego.  “Animals are trapped within a fenced enclosure from which they cannot escape, then people go in and pay a fee to kill those animals. Many of the animals used in canned hunts come from private breeders and zoos. These are animals that are indigenous to Africa or Asia…”

Please help end this cowardly practice:

Mexican Wolves

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