Friday, August 30, 2013

2 Quick Actions for Wolves and for Abused Dogs: Also, New Site on Pet Suffocation Prevention

Yep, easy ones.  Get on them! 

We need to get this place investigated AGAIN and get it shut down!  Take a look at the photos and then scroll down to see the contacts.  Very easy!

Make the final push to make sure all delisting of grey wolves does not occur.
From  I just don't believe people (even some wolf lovers)understand the real ramifications if this de-listing happens. Wolf killing states WILL be emboldened to pass even looser regulations on the taking of wolves, with some offering bounties & 24/7/365 seasons with no limits on wolves taken. Within a year of these policies we could see a extinction event! Without the fear of hitting a critical population number there will be no stopping the slaughter-that is what is at STAKE-WAKE UP NOW!
So go to, then scroll down through text to get to section on who to contact.  Do it now!

Check out new Pet Suffocation site and learn about the threats that may occur to cats, dogs, etc.
From the page owner:  My name is Bonnie Harlan, and I am the founder of
I created this website and Facebook page to raise awareness of the
suffocation dangers that chip bags and other food packaging pose to our pets. It
is becoming an all too-common tragedy as many of our pets, especially
dogs, are suffocating after getting one of these chip bags stuck on their
head and then dying from suffocation. Too many dogs are dying weekly from

Unfortunately, I found this out firsthand when I came home one day to
find my rescue dog, Blue, lying motionless under a table, after he had
suffocated on a Cheetos bag he had dragged out of the trash.  Once the dog puts
his head into these mylar-type bags, the bag creates a vacuum-like seal
around the dog's neck. Shocked and saddened by his death, I created a
Facebook Page and website dedicated to this advocacy, and I have appeared on

several television interviews and the radio, as well.

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