Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Easy Actions: Stop Sick Trapping; Dog Meat; Oppose Horse Slaughter in U.S.; Elephants in Indonesia

 Yes, believe it or not, cruel low lifes still trap.  It’s an unnecessarily cruel way for the sadists to get off, but they do.  So, please sign to Ban Fur Trapping on Public Lands in the United States

There’s still a chance to stop sickos from being able to turn on the slaughterhouses again to kill horses in the U.S.  Tell the White House You Oppose Horse Slaughter

Yep, even Elephants in Indonesia are part of the massive slaughter for the greedy needs of Asian consumers for ivory.  Sick bastards.  Ministry of Forestry, Aceh Governor: Investigate Genk's death and stop Illegal Ivory Trade!

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