Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Wolf Watchers: A Reminder – Don’t Post Information on Where You Saw them: You’re only Helping the Sadist Hunters / Killers

Very important in relation to wolves and the upcoming horrid slaughter that humans will unleash on them.  Very necessary advice for those of you who in the past posted information about seeing wolves.  In essence, you’re only helping the sicko sadists to know where they are so they can kill them.

The current situation facing the upcoming hunting and trapping season has indicated the 'Wolf Jihad' has and is planning a pre meditated full force implementation of mass destruction upon the wolves of both YNP and the surrounding states.

Anyone that is so naive to think it is all talk will be facing many tears in the days to come.

Anyone that thinks and feels that their revealing locations and movements within the park is harmless and going to change a 'Wolf Jihad's' heart and mind about how valuable the wolves are, is not living in a real world.

Montana Wolf Hunting tip of the week: Look at the wolfaboo’s pages. They are wolf watchers and want to share this information with each other. They frequently post where they saw a wolf, how many was in the pack, and the direction of travel.

Does that sound like a heart that is going to change?

I do not get paid or receive a dime for loving or watching over the wolves. The only reward for running this page is having people like yourselves come and share the love, the beauty and magnificence of the wolves.
Those that do get paid, seem to resistant to seeing the reality of giving out information.
There is no amount of money, there is no public status high enough for me to sell out the wolves.
To do so would be a betrayal un unprecedented, and blood money.

Personal relationships will deteriorate as choices are made to where one will stand. Hard calls will be made. Friendships, and relationships will break. But if in the end, wolves get to would be worth the price.
~ Jann

Photo By Doug Mclaughlin

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