Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Once Again, “Shoot to Kill” Instead of Tranquilize and Save: Loose Animals in Zanesville, Ohio Hunted Instead of Saved

**I want to add this a day after the original post below: this was found in an article: "The animals that were killed include 18 rare Bengal tigers and 17 lions." FU again to you bastards who went straight to killing! 18 Rare Bengal Tigers??!! WTF? You HAD to kill them? BS. You just wanted a trophy you sickos!

First, what the hell was some jack ass doing with animals like bears, wolves, etc.? WTF did he expect would happen should they get loose?

You’ve likely heard that “An Ohio town is under lockdown as dozens of wild animals including bears, wolves and tigers have escaped from a private preserve are and are on the loose after the owner of the preserve has been found dead.”

Everyone knows that cops lean toward killing. But, you’d hope that faced with the reality of killing an animal that was unnaturally caged for a long time, that they’d vote for sedation. But, oh, wait, they’re men too, and men love to kill. Oh, I guess saving them is too much work for gun-happy police.

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