Monday, October 03, 2011

Vietnam, like China, Supports Stealing, Torturing, and Eating Dogs: Common in Many Restaurants

What a disturbing story. Seems China isn’t the only sick country in the world that gets off on torturing and then eating dogs. Seems that many in Vietnam also love to steal, and then torture and eat dogs, many of which were sold to restaurants.

I’m not going to go on and on about this, as this is an obviously horrible situation. I’ve instead pasted in parts of the story below which summarize this horrendous cruelty taking part daily in Vietnam and other savage Asian countries (“[t]he tradition, also popular in parts of China, South Korea and the Philippines…”)

You can read the full story here:

"Dog meat is a delicacy in Vietnam that's often on the menu at parties, especially in the north. Restaurants specializing in barbecue dog are especially popular at the end of each lunar month when men dine on canine in hopes of purging bad luck."

"Dog restaurants in the capital, Hanoi, have boomed as Vietnam has become one of Asia's fastest-developing economies."

“…thieves who cruise neighborhoods on motorbikes, snaring pets quicker than a U.S. car thief can hotwire a Cadillac Escalade. Sometimes, they incapacitate the dogs first by shooting them with darts or arrows pulsating with electric current.”

"Scruffy medium-sized dogs are commonly seen jammed into wire cages on backs of motorbikes in Vietnam. They are slaughtered, skinned and roasted, and can be seen dangling from wires outside restaurants, tails straight and teeth bared. Dog dishes range from barbecues to soups served with pungent shrimp paste."

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