Friday, October 21, 2011

Speak Out About the Unnecessary Slaughter of the “Escaped” Animals in Ohio: Demand Regulation that Prohibits Keeping Exotic Animals

I wrote a few days back (and I’m sure you’ve read plenty) about the horrible situation that occurred when the deranged jack ass let various large and “exotic” animals free from cages in Ohio. What ensued was a ridiculous killing spree by blood-hungry cops who likely just wanted trophies. They easily could have simply tranquilized instead of killing. As you heard, the dead near 50, including rare Bengal Tigers.

Well, due to the idiocy of Ohio and the wacko governor John Kasich, there are no such regulations on keeping such animals. Yeah, believe it or not.

Safe to say that if Ohio wasn’t so stupid, this wouldn’t have occurred.

To demand a ban on private ownership of exotic animals in Ohio visit this link:

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