Friday, May 27, 2011

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Takes on a New Challenge and Promises to Eat Only what He Kills: Admits Killing Various Animals Himself: The Good and Bad

Most of you have probably already seen this story - Facebook CEO promises to eat only what he kills

I hesitated to post on this as what I say may be misinterpreted by both sides. Yet, I decided to do so in order to make one point: at least this guy has decided to see just how meat ends up on a plate. No people, it doesn’t just wrap itself in plastic or paper all neat and pretty for you to just pick up and take home.

Most humans and billionaires could care less and really think that the world is for the humans only. I worked with an ego maniacal rich guy that always defaulted to the idiotic food chain argument. He was barely over 5 ft. tall and weighed about as much as an elementary school kid, and I always challenged him to go out into the woods, or plains, or wherever and see if he could take an animal’s life with only human hands (and weak teeth with very little canine teeth compared to true carnivores like cats and dogs.) Humans simply cannot do it and need technology to help them even get an animal. I always tell people to check out Meet Your Meat and then get back to me. OR

So, though it’s absolutely ridiculous that Zuckerberg or any other human thinks they NEED meat, at least this billionaire kid has the guts to do what most will not do and actually takes a life vs. having his personal assistant pick it up at the gourmet market each night.

My Message to Mark

Now, Mark, if you read this, you don’t need to eat meat, so I suggest you stop taking lives and move on to the more sophisticated and thoughtful life of vegetarianism or veganism. You’re obviously really thinking this out and take responsibility for your actions. Plus man…you live in veg. heaven in California so there is no need to kill any more animals. In the article, it’s even stated that “Zuckerberg doesn't forget his pledge; if he can't be the one to provide the meat, he orders strictly off the vegetarian menu.” This shows that you’re at least thinking and that’s 100 times better than that average non-thinking human. So, though I’m sure you can afford the best personal chefs, here are three great vegetarian starter packs to get you on your way -

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