Thursday, May 05, 2011

GEARI Seeks Help / Volunteers for Launch of New Website - Easy Project, Not Ongoing

As the name implies, will be a site that is focused on showing the reality of animal testing and vivisection via real photos and videos. The new .tv domain is in use by many groups as a web property that signifies the presence of AV resources and supplements their main sites or blogs. We’re simply looking to use our place in the AR world to bring attention to this issue.

If you look at the search logs of or, you’ll see a very significant amount of searches for videos and photos showing the unfortunate reality of animal testing or vivisection. Many of these people are simply trying to gauge the nature of this unnecessary practice. A significant number are looking for proof and/or material for class projects, speeches, etc. Many brave souls have taken undercover footage from animal testing facilities in order to bring to light to the public the reality of this horror. We at GEARI hope to add one more resource that allows truth and education to speak for the reality many innocent victims face every day in countless facilities across the world.

I’m looking for one or two good volunteers to help get this up. Your job will be to pull embedded code from YouTube videos, Vivmeo, etc. and also from photo sharing sites such as Flickr and paste it into the blog. Very easy. I just need assistance on this initial part and you do not need to make an ongoing commitment.

If you’re interested, please email I’d like to get this rolling soon.


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