Monday, May 07, 2012

Evil China Moves from Non-Human Animal Torture to Eating the Flesh of Dead Human Babies: Yep, Not Even Humans are Safe Around them

It’s common knowledge among those in law enforcement and child protection that those who abuse or kill non-human animals will soon move onto humans.  Well, this proves it even more.

The Chinese are the cruelest people on Earth and have forever abused and then eaten (or taken as medicine) all species.  Just view our recent posting on .

Well, this now proves that not even human life is safe from the callous, cruel mind of the Chinese, as I guess to them even their own species is fair game for their ignorant beliefs of what will make them stronger, etc.

Evil.  Pure evil.

Here are links to 3 stories that discuss this recent finding that the Chinese are eating the flesh of dead human babies:

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