Thursday, April 13, 2006

New Video Game for Play Station Turns Table on Animal Testers

I didn’t know this was out. Glad to see that some realize the daily reality of animal testing and want to expose it any way possible. Here is a synopsis of the game and a link to it:

“Genron is a high-tech lab where innocent animals are used to test human products. Deep inside Genron lies the dreaded "Genetic Recombinator," the final destination for animal test subjects who have outlived their usefulness. Spanx, a crazy, electro-shock tested weasel and Redmond, a know-it-all, makeup-tested rabbit, are chained together, thrown in a locked cage, and sent on their way to the Genetic Recombinator. But somehow, Spanx and Redmond escape from their cage and now the weasel-rabbit duo is on the loose, attempting to break out from Genron. There's one small problem-they're still chained together… to find out more, and get a look at the awesome graphics and hilarious humor of this game, get your own copy! (Please note: This is a one-player game, but great fun to watch, too!)
Price: $34.99”

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