Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Somali Animal Rights Community Looks to Save Many Dogs

Good to see a country like Somali contains a group committed to animal rights.


Somali Animal Rights Community saves many dogs


Mogadishu 03 April, 06 ( Sh.M.Network) Authorities of lower shabelle region in southern Somalia have prevented an action aimed to poison many dogs, after officials in Marka, capital town of lower Shabelle region, had talks with Somali animal rights community (Somarco) officials.

The protection action for hundreds of dogs come as the lower Shabelle region authorities had consulted with Somarco officials to avert risks from animal dogs.

The head of Somarco Heibe Dahir Barale, said the talks between his team and lower Shabelle region authorities ended in a good mood.

Mr Heibe thanked Marka authorities for their efforts to rescue animals in Somalia in which he said every one should give care to Somali animals.

He appealed for all Somali community in everywhere in the country to save Somali animals, those held in severe life catastrophe.
After the meeting, commander of lower shabelle region troops Norie Ali Farah stressed that his administration would take a military action against any one who tries to put Somalia animals in risk.

It is for the first time that lower Shabelle region authorities met with Somali Animal Rights Community (Somarco)

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