Tuesday, April 25, 2006

16 Year Old Girl Posts Video of Herself Abusing Cat on MySpace.com

I had a feeling this would be coming via MySpace. Especially teens who need attention will result to any means to get it. And, as we know, MySpace is a haven for attention-starved people and sickos to carry out their twisted fantasies.

We’ve talked about it before – those who start with abusing animals soon go to humans. And, animal abuse can be seen as a cry for help
Here are a few articles on the connection between animal abuse, mental problems and future abuse of humans.

Here’s an article on kids and animal abuse:


Indy Girl, 16, Accused Of Abusing Cat, Posting Video On Web


INDIANAPOLIS -- A 16-year-old Franklin Township Middle School student was arrested Friday on allegations that she abused her family's cat and posted a video of the incident on the Internet.

Authorities said the video -- which the girl allegedly posted on MySpace.com -- shows that most of the cat was wrapped in cellophane, immobilizing the animal. The cat's head was not wrapped.

The video shows someone nudging or kicking the wrapped cat. Eventually, the cat was able to get its front legs free.

Animal care and control investigators called the incident torture. The girl was arrested at school Friday afternoon on felony charges of animal cruelty, Indianapolis television station WRTV reported.

"My reaction was that there was a cat that was scared and was being a little bit tortured," said Media Wilson, spokeswoman for the city's animal care and control division.

Wilson said the cat "will be fine."

"There's no permanent damage, to my knowledge, to the animal, and the child will get the help that she needs," Wilson said.

The girl was expected to remain behind bars through the weekend. She is expected to attend a court hearing Monday, WRTV reported.

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