Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sickos in Williams Township in NJ Kill Two Baby Goats, Break the Legs of Two Newborn Goats Then Play Baseball With Goats: Know Anything About It?

What can I say here? All I can say is if anyone knows anything about this case, help take these wackos down.


'Scarce' evidence in goat-bash case
Third animal dies. Injuries too much for April; those who killed livestock could face time in state pen.

Wednesday, April 26, 206
The Express-Times

WILLIAMS TWP. | State police investigating a goat attack in a township pasture say the offenders could face jail time.

As of Monday evening, police had interviewed most of the suspects in the case, said Trooper Robert Glad with the Belfast barracks.

"Evidence is kind of scarce," he said. "We're basically going to be going on testimony of witnesses and other people who may have been involved."

During the night of April 11 someone broke into an animal pen off Kressman Road, killed two baby goats and broke the legs of two newborn goats, according to the animals' owners Maggie Alexander and her husband, Matt Redmond.

The suspects could face a cruelty to animals charge, a second-degree misdemeanor, Glad said. Possible punishments include a fine and a maximum of two years in jail, he said.

For breaking into the pasture, the suspects could get slapped with a fine for criminal trespassing, a summary offense, Glad said.

Details about the overnight battering remain murky, but clues suggest the culprits played baseball using the goats, Alexander has said. A rake snapped in half, three softballs and two steel fence posts moved from their original location lingered in the pen after the attack.

While one of the injured goats appears to be recovering, the other took a turn for the worse over the weekend, Alexander said.

April, a white goat resembling a miniature poodle, spent the weekend strapped to an IV at Alpha Veterinary Care in New Jersey. She later returned to the animal pen, where she died Monday.

The incident has fueled public outrage in this largely rural pocket of the township and beyond.

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