Monday, April 10, 2006

Believe it or Not, Mattel Creates a “Bullfighting Barbie.” Glorification and Exploitation of the Horribly Cruel Spectacle of Bullfighting

Who would have ever thought they would hear bullfighting and Barbie in the same sentence?

For information on why bullfighting is cruel and unnecessary, visit You will also find pictures and videos that clearly show that for the bull, there is no fight. And for the “fighters”,

This is unbelievable. Just take a look at the pictures. Seems really out of place. So they take a child’s toy and associate it with extreme blood and brutality. Just really sick. Hard to believe it’s true. The message sent to kids is confusing to say the least.

Very graphic pictures. Hard to belive that any parent would want to associate toys and play time with such violent, graphic images.

I’ve included some information from a group that is trying to send a message to Mattel that this is just wrong. If you agree, please follow the message below.

Barbie Blood Bath!!!

Despite appeals from animal protection organizations from around the world, as well as parents concerned about the message the doll would give the children, Mattel refused to discontinue the product.

In these pictures, Mattel’s Bullfighting Barbie is superimposed over pictures of very real bullfights.

Mattel should be ashamed of its support for perhaps the worst organized torture of animals in the world.

Please call Mattel at 800-524-8697 or 310-252-2000.

Please write and tell Mattel CEO Robert Eckert what you think about Barbie glorifying the torture-killing of animals.

Mattel, Inc.
333 Continental Blvd.
El Segundo, CA 90245

And finally please fax your letter to Mattel at 716-687-3494.

Please also make a statement to Mattel by avoiding their other brand names too:

* American Girl
* Hot Wheels
* Matchbox
* Tyco/RC
* Fisher-Price
* Cabbage Patch Kids
* Sesame Street Toys
* The Learning Company
* Max Steel
* Intel Play
* Generation Kids
* Star Beans

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Instead of focusing on a cruelty-free doll company, could we please focus our attention on trying to get bullfighters to stop torturing their animals? Devoting our lives to help save animals is a wonderful thing, but can we please not waste our time bickering over trivial things, and instead get off the computer and help animals in real life? Making a cruelty-free toy company lose money will not reduce animal suffering. It will actually bring more sales for the cruel toy companies, therefore INCREASING animal suffering. Please care about the animals, because that's really what matters the most.
Also, Mattel is known for doing TONS of charity work. I have witnessed personally how their charity work and donations have changed lives. Please try boycotting or hurting less kind businesses, like meat industries or slaughterhouses. I think they should be a much higher priority to target, if your goal is to end animal suffering.

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