Monday, April 03, 2006

Misleading "Animal Care Certified" Logo Found on Eggs Will be Off Egg Cartons on Store Shelves Nationwide: Deceptive Business Practice Finally Exposed

A huge victory. Now you can support this effort or not, but no matter your stance, no one should support deceptive business practices. This is what occurred here. Surprisingly, the government actually agreed. You’ll also want to visit to learn the truth behind eggs.


The Misleading "Animal Care Certified" Logo is Going, Going...Gone!

March 31, 2006, marks the last day the egg industry could advertise this deceptive logo

Last fall
told you that the Federal Trade Commission announced that as of April 1, 2006, the United Egg Producers' misleading "Animal Care Certified" logo will be gone from egg cartons on store shelves nationwide. This landmark victory came two years after Compassion Over Killing launched our campaign to put an end the egg industry's national public relations scam that misled consumers concerned about animal cruelty. Consumers should now expect to find an alternative logo reading "United Egg Producers Certified."

Read our victory announcement and campaign timeline to learn more about our efforts. (

Look for the logo! If you find egg cartons bearing the "Animal Care Certified" logo still being sold in stores or see the logo advertised in newspapers or magazines, please contact COK immediately by email ( or call 301-891-2458.

COK Launches New Website:

The decision to remove the deceptive "Animal Care Certified" logo from egg cartons nationwide is a step in the right direction for the egg industry. The guidelines set forth by the United Egg Producers, however, still allow for routine animal cruelty that includes intensively confining hens in wire cages so small, they cannot spread their wings.

In our ongoing efforts to pressure the industry to eliminate these abuses, we've launched a new website,, to expose the hard-boiled truth about modern egg production. This new online resource offers a photo gallery and video room revealing the conditions for hens inside battery cage egg facilities, expert opinions explaining the inherent cruelty of battery cages, a list of ways you can help egg-laying hens, and much more.

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