Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Two Hindu Organizations Are Supporting A Hare Krishna Couple's Fight To Keep Cows In The Village Of Angelica, New York


Hindu groups support Hare Krishna couple's fight to keep cows


BUFFALO, N.Y. Two Hindu organizations are supporting a Hare Krishna couple's fight to keep cows in the village of Angelica, New York.
The Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments Wednesday on whether an injunction that forced Linda and Stephen Voith to move their animals is valid.

The Voiths say the cows are integral to the practice of their religion, which protects and celebrates cows. The village says local laws prohibit keeping farm animals.

The Hindu American Foundation and World Hindu Council have weighed in on the Voiths' behalf.

The Voiths say they believe they've been targeted because their treatment of cows as members of the family does not sit well in an agricultural area with beef and dairy farms.

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