Friday, January 19, 2007

Ken Wiles and Joe Wiles of Wiles Farm in Ohio Charged With Animal Cruelty: Baby Pigs Thrown Into Bins, Larger Pigs Kicked, Beaten and Hanged

You can read about this horrific case and see the footage at

Essentially, this family farm was nothing but a sadistic abuse facility run by Ken Wiles and Joe Wiles. Please visit the link to learn more.

Unfortunately, the charges still only amount to misdemeanors. I’m happy the prosecutor sees this as a case worth pursuing. However, weak animal cruelty laws will not be deterrents.


Ohio pig farmer charged with animal cruelty

Associated Press

WOOSTER, Ohio - Charges of animal cruelty have been filed against the owner of a pig farm, where prosecutors say the animals were hanged before being slaughtered.

Ken Wiles was charged Tuesday with two counts of animal cruelty in Municipal Court in Wooster. The farm's general manager Joe Wiles was charged with six counts and employee Dusty Stroud was charged with two counts.

The men were scheduled to be arraigned Jan. 30. If convicted, each faces up to 90 days in jail on each misdemeanor charge.

The farm's attorney, Russell Buzzelli of Wadsworth, said Wednesday that it was too soon to comment in detail but that he would have something to say later. He also represents Ken Wiles.

"My client is innocent," Buzzelli said.

Ken Wiles said he had no comment. There were no public telephone listings for Joe Wiles or Stroud.

Canton Prosecutor Frank Forchione, a special prosecutor, said the charges were filed after he viewed video taped by farm employees and after interviewing witnesses. He did not visit the farm in Creston in Wayne County, about 45 miles southwest of Cleveland.

The video, which aired on local television news, showed baby pigs being thrown into bins and larger pigs being kicked and beaten.

"It didn't matter whether or not I was able to set foot on the farm. Obviously, what was going on was disturbing. I just decided at that point that somebody has to speak up for the voiceless," Forchione said.

California-based Humane Farming Association bought full-page advertisements in area newspapers against the farm.

"We believe there finally should be jail time for animal abuse and cruelty of suffering in Ohio. Right now it is just a misdemeanor, but in many states, it would warrant a felony charge," said Bradley Miller, the association's director.


R Carleton said...

Very admirable of Forchione. It's ridiculous that men like the Wiles can be granted permission to raise animals. not guilty??! Who are they kidding? Maybe only their redneck cronies. . .
Animal cruelty is despicable! In my opinion, people who engage in these practices should be sentenced to life in prison, because they are abusing and killing defenseless creatures (and taking sadistic pleasure in it). Is it possible to go any lower?

Anonymous said...

I just saw the show tonight and am so disgusted and apalled i could vomit. what in the hell is the matter with people? it is bad enough how they kill the pigs but to get so much enjoyment out of seeing them suffer. I wish for you and your children the very same treatment you gave to the pigs. I would call you a pig but that is insulting the real thing! I hope you never have another happy peaceful day for as long as you live. you stupid low-class sonsabitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

steve said...

Hitler used healthy Jews until they got sick, then disposed of them like they were trash. Wiles and his son, with their oblog heads and huge noses, plus their farm hand Stroudt who appears to have Parkinsons, take great please in the torturing to death of animals. Hanging is used because it breaks the neck-they are merely strangling animals for their own sick pleasures. Turn that farm over to a reputable firm and let the inbred Wiles' work in a water sanitizing facility (sewer) where they'll be more comfortable.

Bigy Bigz aka Richy Rich said...

What's more pathetic then Ken, Joe, and Dusty is that there are no laws protecting animals of this kind of abuse. It was like watching a civil rights case in the state of Mississippi, except it was a bunch of people who has the same disregard fro animals. HBO really exposed some of these farms, where are the politicians? If hanging them wasn't enough, what about kicking a downed pig, waiting to throw it off a 6 ft lift. I just wonder how ken would have felt if he would have done that to his piglet name joe.

Hey Joe.. Sleep like a dolphin, keep one eye open, i'm not kidding!

Anonymous said...

i hope you and your sons become lepers, you bunch of no good inbreed, low-life, red-neck, shit eating mutherfuckers!!! maybe in prison they will throw you and your son into a 3yd. container once a day so yuo can see how it feels. i am not a vegetarian but if this is what it takes to make a great tasting ham then fuck it i will not eat it anymore and if more people can do this then it will put other morons like the wiles out of bussiness

Anonymous said...

It's sad how we treat our food. I'd like to drive up there and throw rocks at their farm. My luck, I'd hit and kill a pig and get charged with animal cruelty.

angelm16 said...

To Wiles Clan, (I mean "The wrong turn people") you will be put out of business very soon, an idea spreads faster than any virus could ever. After watching the cruel things you've done I'm quite sure everyone will change there eating habits.
Your a disappointment to humanity.
In your next life, I would love to say, "I hope they hang you and you die very slow, but wouldn't wish that on any living thing.

For the people who brought this to light, don't stop what you do, we need awareness. Your admired...

Donna said...

These people are despicable. I can only wish for them the same fate as their pigs. after all it is humane, right?

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