Wednesday, January 31, 2007

European Union Governments Unanimously Put Their Support Behind a Proposal to Ban the Sale, Import And Production Of Dog And Cat Fur

A hugely important move. We hope it moves forward. Notice this quote about the nature of the situation:

“HSI estimates about 2 million cats and dogs are killed for fur each year, mostly in China.”

Surprise, surprise. China is by far the main cause of this suffering. If you have the guts to see the truth, visit these links to see proof of the nature of dog and cat killing in china:



EU governments back ban of cat, dog fur


European Union governments on Monday unanimously supported a proposal to ban the sale, import and production of dog and cat fur in the 27-nation bloc, responding to public calls to outlaw a practice many consider unethical.

The European Commission, the EU's executive body, has said cat and dog fur can be found in some clothing, personal accessories and soft toys for children being sold in Europe, either falsely labeled as another kind of fur or hidden within the product.

"We responded to hundreds of thousands of European citizens who demanded action in this area," EU Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou said. "This product is being used without the consumers being informed. It goes against the wishes and morals of the European citizens. For them, cats and dogs are pets."

Kyprianou said he hoped the ban could be adopted by the end of June after the European Parliament also gives its consent to the measure. Fifteen EU nations already have bans in place, but an EU-wide ban is expected to bring clear guidelines for all member nations.

The Commission said that because of the trade's secretive nature, it was hard to estimate how much dog and cat fur finds its way onto the market or pinpoint the source.

A December 2005 investigation by Australian animal rights group Humane Society International showed dog and cat fur was produced within the Czech Republic and other Eastern European states.

HSI estimates about 2 million cats and dogs are killed for fur each year, mostly in China.

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