Monday, January 22, 2007

Report Exposes Horrible Animal Welfare Practices at the Government Slaughter House of Island Nation of Malta: National Farm Also Focus of Cruelty

This is a truly disturbing story. Any sort of anti cruelty measures are not followed at all. And all done and backed by the government of Malta.

As you’ll see, the report is very graphic and very sure. There is no doubt of the truth of the disturbing practices in the national slaughterhouse of Malta.


World's largest animal rights group blasts Pullicino

PETA calls for closing of national abattoir and independent inspections

Kurt Farrugia 19 January 2007
The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal (PETA), the world's largest animal rights group called on government to close the national abattoir "until problems are rectified", while demanding inspections by independent animal welfare organisations.

PETA, a US-based animal welfare group, represents more than 1.6 million members worldwide and has affiliates in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, India and Hong Kong.

"PETA is demanding that the national abattoir and farm be opened to inspections by independent animal welfare organisations and that the results of such audits be made public."

On 2 January 2007, revealed a report penned by Austrian Veterinary experts and which the environment ministry kept hidden since September. The expert's report exposed appalling animal welfare practices at the government slaughter house and the shabby state of the national farm at Ghammieri.

Fear of public pressure

PETA's Factory Farms Campaigns Manager Matt Prescott on Friday 19 January "fired off a letter" to environment minister George Pullicino and the director general of the veterinary division Simon Sammut.

"Both before and after the report by Austrian veterinary experts, these abuses continued uncorrected while authorities chose to keep the report top secret, allowing these facilities to continue abusing animals without fear of public pressure. Such behaviour is indefensible and must be addressed immediately," Mr Prescott said in his letter.

The worldwide organisation told Pullicino that: "Recent assertions that the government is beginning to implement improvements are wholly inadequate."

PETA demanded that the ministry implements "with the greatest possible urgency" the problems stressed in the report.

Click here to read PETA's letter to the environment minister

'Government tried to hide this ugly secret'

The animal welfare group's Vice-President Bruce Friedrich said: "The government has not only stood by and allowed thousands of pigs to suffer and die in terror, but it has also tried to hide this ugly secret." The largest animal rights group has also blasted government for trying to hide this "ugly secret."

"The report was submitted by a team of Austrian veterinary experts in September 2006 by but not made public until ran an exposé series earlier this month."

The animal rights group quotes the report by the Austrian experts saying that according to documents and photographs, pigs were crammed onto lorries and unloaded by letting the large animals drop nearly 80 centimetres to the ground, causing them severe trauma.

The PETA statement also described how animals were shocked with electricity but still conscious as they bled to death and suffered heart attacks. These practices violate both the Animal Transport Regulations 2003 and the Animal Killing Regulations 2003, said the animal rights group.

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