Monday, January 15, 2007

Singer Pink Calls Out World Governments for Refusing To Help Fund Her Incredible Idea of Mobile Veterinary Units to Attend To Stray Dogs

I’ll admit, I can’t tell you even one of her songs, but I’m fully aware of her activism. This is an incredible idea – to put forth mobile veterinary units to attend to the issue of stray dogs. All she has asked for from the rich world governments is to help with the costs. Here’s one woman who’s willing to put up her own money, and these large rich governments don’t care at all.

I say thank you Pink and I hope at least one selfish govt. changes their minds.


Pink Slams Governments' Animal Attitude

Published: 1/14/07 at 3:59 PM ET
Written By: andPOP Staff

(WENN) - Animal lover PINK has blasted world governments that are refusing to contribute to her project for mobile veterinary units.

The WHO KNEW hitmaker is appalled at how little the authorities seem to care about their animals' welfare.

She says, "I'm trying to put together a mobile vet service to go to places where there is a problem with stray dogs.

"The initial idea was the split the cost with whatever country we were going to, but governments don't seem to care about their animal problems."

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