Friday, January 26, 2007

Fur Trapping Season in Oregon Creates Danger for Humans and their Pets

Yes, unfortunately fur trapping is still going on. Along with this then comes numerous injuries and deaths to humans and companion animals.

More on trapping and it’s dangers can be found at


Fur-Trapping Season Could Endanger Pets

LA GRANDE, Ore. - Eastern Oregonians planning to take their dogs to the woods are advised to keep them on a leash or at least on the beaten path.

Traps are set for bobcats and other fur-bearers. The season ends March 15.

State wildlife officials say because of a mild snowpack, more people are venturing off of the trails where snares and leg traps may be placed.

Several dogs have been caught in recent weeks in traps and snares in Eastern Oregon and at least one in Union County died.

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