Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Henry’s Law Would Make Some Cases of Cruelty a Felony in Utah: How You Can Add Your Support to it

Good to see another state moving towards making these crimes felonies. Of course, Henry is an actual dog who suffered horrible cruelty. I’m glad to see a state like Utah taking this seriously.

You can add your support by visiting:


'Henry's Law' against animal cruelty moves closer to passage in legislature

Story by:
Reed Cowan

A Utah woman whose pet chihuahua was burned in an oven by her ex-husband is looking to turn pain in to protection for Utah animals.

In May Rhonda Kamper’s dog Henry was put in an oven, sustaining severe injuries. Investigators point to Mark Vincent for injuring the dog. Just a month before the burning incident, Vincent is accused of putting out the dog’s eye with a leaf blower.

For his crimes, Vincent is behind bars, but Kampers tells ABC 4 News Vincent should have received a stiffer sentence and that she is working with law makers to see that "Henry's law" is passed.

The bill would make cases of animal abuse felony cases. Currently, Utah only imposes misdemeanor charges for animal abusers. Animal activists say the fact that Utah is one of nine states left to pass animal cruelty legislation shows we are lagging behind in protecting animals.

Previous legislation has met opposition from cattle ranchers, but this bill provides an exemption for ranchers, rodeo workers, hunters and farmers. Henry the dog will make an appearance before law makers in a hearing this week. In the interim, supporters of the bill can visit the following web site to sign a petition of support:

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