Monday, January 08, 2007

Reflecting Cruel Overreaction, Health Minister of Bangalore Orders Mass Blood Bath By Calling for All Stray Dogs to be Killed Mercilessly

It’s bad enough to overreact to an isolated incident, but to go further and call for merciless killing exposes a sickness within that culture at large. This is very reminiscent of China’s mass, cruel, unnecessary dog kill. You can read about that disgusting incident at:

The incident that occurred should be dealt with as just that – an incident. To expand it to a literal mass blood bath is beyond insane.


Stray dogs to be killed in Bangalore

Shwetal Kamalapurkar
Posted Monday , January 08, 2007 at 08:58

NO MERCY: In Bangalore, the health minister has ordered that all diseased stray dogs should be mercilessly killed.

Bangalore: Three days after a nine year old girl was bitten to death by stray dogs in Bangalore, the health minister has ordered that all diseased stray dogs be killed mercilessly.

"I have ordered the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike that all ferocious diseased dogs be killed mercilessly," said R Ashok Health minister, Karnataka.

Residents say they want all the dogs to be killed as the animals create mess on the roads.

"There are lots of dogs here, more than 50 at least. We have asked the authorities to take them away," says one resident.

Meanwhile the animal rights people are opposing this move.

"There are so many other things that the municipal authorities should look after. No stern action has been taken against illegal meat shops. They dump waste on the roads. People litter on the roads and then complain of the stray dogs," Dilip Bafna trustee of animal rights fund said.

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