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English Comic Brings Awareness to Moon Bears or Bile Bears: What are Moon Bears or Bile Bears?

Bile bear torture is a particularly nasty form of cruelty. Unfortunately, most Chinese think it's ok (just like torturing and eating cats and dogs).

Essentially, bile is extracted from a caged bears' gallbladder by means of a
metal catheter, then sold for use in Chinese medicines and cosmetics. It’s an extremely painful and cruel method.

To read more about bile bears and to view photos which prove the conditions and pain they endure, please see http://www.animalsasia.org/


Comic Dave breaks Mastermind record


By Staff Reporter

COMEDIAN Dave Spikey has scored a record Celebrity Mastermind score.

The former haematologist, who worked at the Royal Bolton Hospital, scored 33 points in the famous black Mastermind chair on TV on Saturday - beating his nearest rival, presenter Josie D'Arby, by eight points.

Watched by millions on BBC One, Dave displayed nerves of steel when answering questions on his chosen topic, human blood, and performed well during the general knowledge round.
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He was competing against Josie D'Arby, chef Brian Turner, and journalist-cum-presenter Matthew Wright.

Dave, famous for his starring role in TV's Phoenix Nights, said it was the most terrifying thing he had ever done - bar his driving test, which he had to take six times.

He said: "Considering I'm a stand-up comedian, I couldn't believe how terrified I was.

"I was up fourth and when the lights go down and you hear the music, the walk to the chair is a long one.

"I could barely remember my own name when I was asked."

He said his success on Mastermind was the "luck of the draw".

"There were about half-a-dozen of Brian Turner's questions that I couldn't answer," he said. "It was fantastic to be given the trophy. It's proudly displayed at home."

The prize money Dave won following his Mastermind victory will be donated to Animal Asian Rescue, to save Asiatic moon bears from the bile farms of China.

One bear rescued by the British charity, the Animals Asia Foundation, was named Dave Spikey in his honour.

Thousands of endangered Moon Bears are imprisoned in tiny cages on factory bile farms across China and Vietnam.

And to help further, Dave is holding a charity stand-up show to free another bear.

The show is being held at the Brindley Theatre in Runcorn on January 27.

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