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Vegan Oscars and Academy Awards Developed in England: You Too Can Vote!


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Vegan Oscars and Academy Awards at International Vegan Festival

As the season for Oscar nominations and Academy Awards kicks off a Bristol based businessman Tim Barford from Yaoh has launched the vegan equivalent. Just who are the people, products and the companies that are helping change the way we live and the world we live in, and in a positive way rather than a destructive and nihilistic way? Who is making it easier to be vegan and thus easier to be kinder to health, people, animals and the environment?

London, UK (PRWEB) February 12, 2007 --


Bristol based businessman and Hempologist Tim Barford from Yaoh the UK's pioneer hemp food company has launched a nationwide quest to find the people's choices for favourite vegan people and things in 2007 - The Yaoh 007 Vegan Environmental Awards

Members of Vegan Societies and members of the general public, vegan or otherwise, are being urged to vote for their vegan favourites, such as Beanies Health Foods' new dairy free ice cream B'Nice.

There are 007 categories with 007 nominees in each category. Voters can vote for as many or as few nominees in each category as they wish. Voters can also nominate an 8th nominee for the 2008 awards.


The chance to thank people making a vegan lifestyle easier should be gratifying enough for most veggies but voters are also entered into a free draw. 12 vegan hampers in all, each one worth over £50, are planned to be given away as an incentive to attract voters. Two hampers are to be given away free to two separate lucky voters every month starting through till June '007 at the awards at The Bristol Vegan Fayre.


43 year old Hempologist Tim Barford says 'By helping to highlight the awesome array of vegan choice out there, combined with our massive 2 day vegan festival, we hope to give many new people the opportunity to see the advantages and enjoyment to be had from a vegan lifestyle.'

All the UK animal welfare charities including The Vegan Society, Viva, Animal Aid and a number from other countries are making a concerted effort to reach new people and help them see the solutions that a vegan lifestyle has to offer.

'2007 is set to be a massive year for veganism, if we can help get everyone fired up enough and working together there's a good chance they can double the number of vegans ' adds Tim Barford

We want to encourage everyone to dynamically focus on the fun side of veganism and publicly demonstrate how pleasurable it can be to make a positive difference. Veganism doesn't need to be the earnest and vexed image that the UK newspapers so often portray.

The Vegan Lifestyle and diet have recently been the focus of a number of BBC programmes and environmentalists everywhere are begining to see vegan diets as a logical solution.


The 007 categories for the Yaoh 007 Environmental Awards are

001 Best Vegan Product
002 Best Vegan Company
03 Best Vegan Individual Achievement
004 Best Independent Health Store
005 Best Vegan Campaigning Organisation
006 Best Vegan On Line Shop
007 Best Vegan Media/publication



Yaoh are a Bristol based company manufacturing hemp based food and cosmetic products. They also sell a unique Hemp milk maker. Tim Barford the owner has launched a number of Vegan initiatives in Bristol including the Vegan Guide to Bristol and five Bristol Vegan Fayres.

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