Friday, February 09, 2007

Most Foods from the Netherlands Contain Horse Meat: Most of the Horse Meat That Ends Up There Was Slaughtered In the US

Travelers beware. Very unfortunate.

Of course, most of the horse meat that ends up there was slaughtered in the US. This is an issue that troubles many and the move to ban horse slaughter in the US is active now. For more on this movement see:


Many Netherlands Foods Contain Horse

Netherlands animal rights group Wakker Dier said Thursday many hamburgers, frikandels and krokets in the country contain horsemeat.

The Wageningen University study of 286 food items found 32 percent contained meat from horses, Expatica reported Thursday.

The rights group said the study was commissioned to address public concerns about the use of horse meat, as most people in the country consider the animals to be pets rather than a viable food source.

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