Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Some in British Government Call for Ban of Foie Gras after European Union Refuses Ban on Practice

Wow, if this is true and a government is calling for a ban on this horribly cruel practice, there is hope for ending it.

What is foie gras and why is it bad?

Foie gras (translated literally from French as "fatty liver" and pronounced 'fwah grah') is produced by cruel and inhumane farming practices. At just a few months old, ducks are confined inside dark sheds and force-fed enormous amounts of food several times a day. A farm worker grabs each duck and, one by one, thrusts a metal pipe down their throats so that a mixture of corn can be forced directly into their gullets. In just a matter of weeks, the ducks become grossly overweight and their livers expand up to 10 times their normal size.

As a result, ducks raised for foie gras have difficulty standing, walking, and even breathing. Many of them die before the end of the force-feeding cycle, and the mortality rate for ducks raised on foie gras farms is among the highest in the farming industry. Necropsies performed on foie gras ducks have shown extreme obesity, impaction of undigested food in the esophagus, lacerations in the throat, and a proliferation of bacterial and fungal growth in their upper digestive tracts.

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Foie Gras debate

Foie Gras, the fatty liver produced from force-feeding geese, is at the centre of an animal cruelty debate in Europe.

The delicacy is made by aggressively force-feeding the animals until their livers swell to ten times the normal size.

The British government is now calling for a national boycott of the product, after European law refused to allow a ban.

UK Labor councillor Paul Blanchard says the geese are constantly in pain, internally bleeding and unable to walk.

He says the torture of the animals is unacceptable for a civilised society.

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