Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Truth Behind War: Videos of American Soldiers Torturing and Murdering Stay Dogs in Iraq

And now for the disturbing truth of the year. Or, at least one of them.

It’s difficult to think of the proper way to describe these videos. They literally leave you speechless and aware of the reality of the war mind. Words like disgusting, disturbing, disappointing, cruel, saddening, and insane would all fit. I think if nothing more, this truly proves what war will do to ones’ mentality. They literally are desensitized to the cruelty they are responsible for. I did hear once from an ex military man though that many soldiers are encouraged to kill animals. It seems that the higher ups believe it relives tension. Sick, but they really believe it. I encourage all to view these in order to see the reality of life. I do caution though that they are graphic. There are three total though there are much more where they came from. The descriptions provided are taken from the sites.

I have to say at the very least that it’s a shame that this is occurring. To think that murdering and torturing dogs is ok is a shame on the conscious of those soldiers. I feel sorry that they live with such a mentality and that they are the kind of people that find it ok to do this. It must be very difficult to live that way, and to have that kind of sickness in your mind at all times. As I’ve written about many times, and is documented by law enforcement, those that abuse animals will soon turn to humans. I’d hate to be near these guys when they have guns and even more so when they go home.

Here are the links to the videos:

Description: In this video, a group of poorly trained and poorly disciplined American Soldiers slowly shoot to death a stray dog in Iraq.

If the link just mentioned doesn't work, simply go to this link and you should see the video as the first result. 
You may need to take off any filter:

A soldier brutally kills a dog for no reason.

Soldiers in Iraq Taunt A Crippled Dog: This 1-minute video clip shows how desensitized soldiers in combat become as they make fun of a dog that has been crippled in the war and they throw rocks and laugh at its suffering. WARNING: Disturbing Subject Matter

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